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天照 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


大家好,我叫做江天照,就松山家商廣告設計科,是個樂觀.喜歡交朋友的人生日:1992/9/26 天秤座 A型我的興趣是聽音樂.玩電腦.逛街.繪畫.養狗.運動喜歡走視覺係風格.用色大膽總是和幾個死黨粘在一起 從小出生在一個單親家庭,由母親一手帶大,但是由於母親身體況不佳,患有膀胱癌症.腎癌,必須洗腎才能得以延續生命,從小就必須面對自己最親的家人可能隨時都會離開人世,每一天每一分每一秒,都對自己的未來感到害怕.恐懼,有如走在迷途上的羔羊,還記得,有好幾次社會局要把我帶走,但是母親始終放不下這致親的骨肉,堅持把我留在身邊,一直到現在,在這之中還認識了我的繼父,他一樣也在洗腎.患有高血壓.糖尿病,雖說是繼父,卻像親生父親一樣照顧我.養育我,兩人拖著殘缺的身軀,一直把我提攜到現在這樣,中間走過無數坎坷的道路,被家人反對我們這樣的組合,不時在外也會受他人指指點點,在這種生活環境下成長,還有不知道兩人什麼時候會離開我身邊,所以他們總是迫切希望我能更加懂事.更加成熟,在這些種種的因素之下,使我某方面的思想較成熟於同年齡的同儕,

高中時期.高一擔任過回收股長,高2擔任過副服務股長,參加過中國科技大學專題製作佳作,在科內展覽繪畫入選.參加過美登山莊明信片比賽.行天宮五倫八德海報競賽.台北市新文化捷運海報比賽.學生美展競賽.廣告設計丙級檢定證照. 人人都說[University]"大學生活由你玩四年"但我並不那麼認為,我認為不單單只是玩而已,還要自我充實,讓自己學的更多,讓自己不斷的成長,如果這四年大學都在玩樂的話,那麼這四年也就真的白讀了,還大不如高中畢業就工作去了,大學畢業後還想繼續升學,學一項專精的技能.使自己對這社會有所貢獻.

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    Everybody good, I am called the river sky to illuminate, the loose mountain dwellers business advertisement design department, is an optimism. Likes human birthday which becomes friends: 1992/9/26 libra A my interest listens to music. Plays the computer. Window-shopping. Drawing. Raises the dog. The movement likes the vision is a style. Bold always and several diehards stick with the color in the same place Is born since childhood in a single-parent family, raises by mother one, but because the mother body situation is not good, contracts the urinary bladder cancer. The kidney cancer, must wash the kidney to be able to be able to continue the life, must face oneself most own family member since childhood possibly as necessary to be able to leave the world, each day each minute each second, all will feel the fear to own future. Frightened, has like walks on the wrong path lamb, but also remembered, some several times society meet the bureau to have to carry off me, but the mother always cannot lay down this to send own flesh and blood, side persisted keeps me, to the present, also had always known in this my stepfather, he is equally also washing the kidney. Contracts hypertension. Diabetes, although the stepfather, looks like the one's own father to look after me equally actually. Raises me, two people are towing the incomplete stature, leads by the hand continuously me the present like this, middle passes through the innumerable thorny paths, by the family member was opposed we such combination, often also can receive other people in outside to direct, grows under this kind of living conditions, but also has did not know when two people can leave side me, therefore their always earnestly hope I can be more sensible. Maturer, in these all sorts of factors under, causes my some aspect the thought to be mature in the same age associates,

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