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3.在金字塔內有許多通道,請問您認為這些通道的作用是什麼? □ 通風道     □ 星光通道(指向天狼座和獵戶座,為通往天堂的道路) □ 通水道     □ 神靈或靈魂的通道圖表4全體比例—建造地改變的原因 根據圓餅圖顯示,認為是宗教因素的人足足超過一半到達78%,認為是原料因素的連四分之一都不到只有22%而已。想到埃及就會想到埃及多樣化的宗教,而古埃及人對於宗教的迷信更是可觀,因此眾人會選擇金字塔建地搬遷原因為「宗教因素」大概也是因為如此。而宗教因素也是最為各學家所認可的,因為根據他們的發現,古埃及人對於太陽的崇拜已到達無法自拔的地步,更不用提將自己視為太陽之子的法老,他們會為了看見聖城而改變建地也不無可能。至於原料因素早已在剛提出後沒多久即被其餘考古學家推翻。4. 金字塔的建造地有多次改變,您認為原因是什麼? □ 原料因素  □ 宗教因素(法老對太陽崇拜日益增加的關係)圖表3 全體比例--通道的作用 根據圓餅圖顯示,認為金字塔內部通道作用為靈魂通道或通風道的人相差不大,認為是靈魂通道有36%,通風道則是35%。選擇星光通道也不少有25%佔了四分之一,認為是通水道的只有少少4%而已。 目前有關金字塔內通道的謎題尚未有正確解答,不過最為眾人所接受的答案是「靈魂通道」,而選擇靈魂通道的人數也不出意料的最高,推論其原因約是因為金字塔是法老的陵寢,所以大家認為通道作為靈魂通道的可能性相對的高。然而根據圖表,選擇通風道的人數卻是出乎意料的多,其原因大概是因為通風道是一般人在討論建築時皆可能想到的用途,故其百分比亦是高居不下。

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  • 9 年前

    3. has many channels in Pyramid, ask that you thought what these channel's function is?  

    □ air chute     □ the star light channel (directional day wolf place and orion, to lead to heaven path)  

    □ passes the canal     □ God or soul channel

    Graph 4 all proportion - construction change reason

    Demonstrated according to the pie chart that thought is the religious factor person enough surpasses half to arrive at 78%, thought that is raw material factor 1/4 to does not have 22%.

    Thought that Egypt and will think of Egyptian and the diverse religion, but the ancient Egyptian person regarding the religious superstition will be considerable, therefore the people will choose Pyramid to construct move the reason will be “the religious factor” probably are also because of so. But the religious factor is also, because according to them who most various scientists approve the discovery, the ancient Egyptian person arrived at the situation which regarding sun's worship is unable to extricate oneself, will not need to raise will regard as child's of the solar pharaoh, they to see the holy city to change construct are also possible. As for raw material factor already after just proposed how long namely hasn't been overthrown by other archaeologist.

    4. Pyramid's construction has changes many times, you thought that what the reason is?  

    □ raw material factor □ religion factor (pharaoh relations which increases day by day to the sun-worship)

    Graph 3 all proportions--Channel's function

    Demonstrated according to the pie chart that thought the Pyramid interior channel function differs not in a big way for the soul channel or the air chute person, thought that is the soul channel has 36%, the air chute is 35%. The choice star light channel also many had 25% to occupy 1/4, thought that was passes the canal few only then little 4%.

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