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請問生物學中 opportunitic species?

請問一下 甚麼是opportunitic species?可否給個明確定義解是呢?

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    Opportunistic Species

    Tend to have periods of growth that approach their maximum biotic potential

    Usually short maturation times and short lifespans, therefore short generation times (reproduce at an early age)

    Many offspring produced per reproductive event but

    Often the number of reproductive events is limited to one or a few

    Mortality (death) of offspring is often great

    The above features are correlated with small size

    These species often take advantage of short-term ecological opportunities (e.g., disturbances)

    Examples include garden weeds, desert annuals, many insects


    Species characterized by high reproduction rates, rapid development, early reproduction, small body size, and uncertain adult survival. Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/opportunistic-species...