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Don’t cry over spilled milk





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    This idiomatic expression means that it's no use worrying about unfortunate events which have already happened and which cannot be changed.

    This saying comes from the days when dairy animals were milked by hand into a pail. Milk does get spilled occasionally when the pail is tipped over, and then there simply is no getting it back into the pail. Like many other times in life, crying or complaining won't help at all, and it's better not to waste the time or energy and instead just get back to the task at hand.


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    典故出自於《伊索寓言》〔賣牛奶的女孩〕The Milk-Woman and Her Pail 童話故事。 一個農家女孩頂著一桶牛奶,她想: 「賣去牛奶的錢,可以買許多雞蛋。雞蛋可以孵出小雞。小雞大了可以賣掉,分到的錢可以買件新衣服。聖誕舞會的時候,我就可以穿著新衣,迷倒許多年輕人,我會搖搖頭,一個個的拒絕。」想著想著,她的頭真地搖起來,頭上那桶牛奶於是翻倒在地。這個故事,比喻不去掌握眼前,儘作不實際的想法終究會落空。如:「你都還沒考,就想大學生活要如何過。小心跟賣牛奶的女孩一樣,落了一場空。」

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    The Milk-Woman and Her Pail 的英文內容:

    A FARMER'S daughter was carrying her Pail of milk from the field to the farmhouse, when she fell a-musing. "The money for which this milk will be sold, ......

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    Don’t cry over spilled milk 這句話的來源並不是一個故事而只是一句諺語 (proverb),起源於17世紀英國歷史學家及小說家 James Howell (c. 1594 – 1666) 1659 年的一本著作《Paramoigraphy (Proverbs)》;當初的說法是 "To Cry Over Spilt Milk" ,之後逐漸演變為 "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk"