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一首夜店歌 拜託幫我找一下...20點奉送


歌U GO 阿阿 一子唱這句 夜店常常混這首在裡面

拜託 知道的幫我解答 我20點奉送了 先答先贏喔

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  • 哈哈
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    JEREMIH - Birthday Sex[Intro]

    Yeah... (yeah...) yeah...

    [Verse 1]

    It's your birthday so I know you want to ride out

    Even if we only go to my house

    Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch

    Feels good but I know you want to cry out....

    You say you want passion (I think you found it)

    Get ready for action (don't be astounded)

    We switching positions (you feel surrounded)

    Just tell me where you want your gift girl...


    Girl you know III [x2]

    I've been feening

    Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving

    Girl you know III [x2]

    Don't need candles and cake

    Just need your body to make good...


    Birthday sex [x2] (it's the best day of the year girl)

    Birthday sex [x2] (if hes not, he's not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl...)

    [Verse 2]

    See you sexy in them jeans got me on ten

    1,2,3, think I got you pinned

    Don't tap out fighting til' the end

    Ring that bell and we gone start over again

    We grinding with passion (cause it's your birthday)

    Been at it for hours (I know you thirsty)

    You kiss me so sweetly (taste just like Hershey's)

    Just tell me how you want your gift girl...




    First I'm gonna take a dive into the water

    Deep until I know I please that body,body, (aooh)

    Or girl without a broom I might just sweep you off your feet and make you wanna tell somebody, somebody, (how I do)

    Or maybe we can float on top my water bed (bed)

    You close your eyes as I improve between your legs (your legs)

    We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables

    Girl you know I'm more than able to please... Yea

    You say you wanted flowers on the bed...

    But you got me and now it's on again...



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