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請問什麼是amber caste?

請問到底什麼是amber caste? 是顏色的名稱?是木作的專有名詞?是攝影或影像處理的專業用語?還是其他的意思?

我試著在google找出一些例句,但還是無法解讀/歸類出一個所以然來。可否請知道任何線索的前輩幫幫我?謝謝! 1.Egyptian Mau CatIf not gooseberry green an Amber caste is OK up to one and a half years of age. All Egyptian Maus should have this aesthetically pleasing eye color of ... - 2. Top-coating BLO - Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Message BoardEven, the coatings with an amber caste would not be as affective as the oil, because coatings lay on the surface of the wood, whereas, the drying oils are allowed to soak into the wood before they are wiped off … 3. Bleaching yew - Woodwork ForumsWhen you decide to coat the woods, you may want to consider using a "water clear coating," these coatings do not have an amber caste like nitrocellulose, and do not yellow overtime. 4. Message Board - Lighting for film makingIf your camera's white balance is for daylight and you try to shoot under artificial light, the picture will appear to have a strong amber caste. Vice versa and your picture will have a blue caste. 5. Black pool water, green-brown pool water discoloration, discolored ...The green tint could be an amber caste against a blue background. I suggest that you add a double dose of a quality mineral treatment ASAP. ... -



我也知道amber = 琥珀,caste = 種姓,這樣的資訊字典就查得到了。問題是,兩個字合起來是甚麼意思?這才是問題所在。

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  • 10 年前

    顏色 + caste 表示「偏向某種顏色」或「色差」。在這種意義上,寫成 cast 的比較多,應該算是正字,例如 yellow cast, red cast,但也有人寫成 caste。

    amber caste 就是「偏琥珀色」、「泛黃」、「偏黃」的意思。

    拍照片有時會有 color caste (cast),就是「偏某個顏色」。這個連結是一個例子,文章的第一段第四行有解釋 color shift 又稱 caste。你可以看到例圖中的女生,皮膚顏色偏紫紅色,圖說指它為 magenta color caste:

  • 10 年前

    amber=琥珀 caste=種姓