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  • 10 年前

    With you and very happy, but have no chance to know each other more, how long it can maintained that this is happy?和你在一起非常快樂,但是沒有機會多認識彼此,這份快樂能維持多久?I even need to let somebody help me to translate into English to write this letter, you can know that have how hearts that words can't be spoken ache.我連寫這封信都需要找人幫我翻譯成英文,你可知道有話無法說的心有多痛Whom I make great efforts go, study English is in need of a period of long time, you can patient to wait for me learn English?我努力的去學習英文,是需要一段漫長時間的,你能有耐心等待我學會英文嗎?Know the intersection of I and English, finish study yet, only left to have nothing to say in reply between the we?會不會我英文還沒學成,我們之間就只剩下無言以對?I want, give up this copy, love, but I can't break through obstacle of language.我不想放棄這一份愛,然而我無法突破語言的障礙

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  • 金恩
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    10 年前

    It's so happy to be with you but we don't have much chances to get to know each other more. The how long can we keep this happiness? I can only get someone to translate this letter in English for me, and can you feel the pain in my heart for hardly to say ? I try my best to learn English and it does take a long time. But, can you be patient to wait for me 'till I speak influently?

    I am afraid that it is only silence between us before I can speak Emglish well.I do not want to give up the love between us,but I cannot get through the barrier in language.