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Powdered infant formula as a source of Salmonella infection in infants.

Cahill SM; Wachsmuth IK; Costarrica Mde L; Ben Embarek PK; Clinical

infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases

Society of America; 2008 Jan 15; 46(2); p. 268-73

Abstract (Article Summary)

Powdered infant formula is not sterile and may be intrinsically contaminated

with pathogens, such as Salmonella enterica, that can cause serious illness

in infants. In recent years, at least 6 outbreaks of Salmonella infection in

infants that have been linked to the consumption of powdered infant formula

have been reported. Many of these outbreaks were identified because the

Salmonella strains were unique in some way (e.g., a rare serotype) and a

well-established Salmonella surveillance network, supported by laboratories

capable of serotyping isolates, was in place. Another common feature of the

outbreaks was the low level of salmonellae detected in the implicated

formula (salmonellae may be missed in routine testing). These outbreaks

likely represent only a small proportion of the actual number of Salmonella

infections in infants that have been linked to powdered infant formula.

Managing this problem requires a multidimensional approach in which

manufacturers, regulators, and caregivers to infants can all play a role.




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  • 9 年前

    作為源沙門氏菌感染的嬰兒粉嬰兒配方奶。卡希爾 SM ;Wachsmuth IK ;Costarrica Mde L ;本 · 恩巴雷克 PK ;臨床傳染性疾病: 感染性疾病的官方出版物美國 ; 學會2008 1 月 15 日 ;46 (2) ;體育 268-73

    摘要 (文章摘要)嬰兒配方奶粉不是不育和可能本質上污染病原感染沙門氏菌力等,可能會導致嚴重的疾病嬰兒。在近幾年來最少 6 爆發的沙門氏菌感染已連結到消費的嬰兒配方奶粉的嬰兒已報告。因為,確定了很多這些爆發,沙門氏菌株是唯一以某種方式 (例如,罕見血清型) 和一個行之已久的沙門氏菌監測網路支援的實驗室有能力型的分離,在的地方。另一個常見的現象,爆發了沙門菌檢測中,涉案的低水準公式 (可能會丟失沙門菌在常規測試中)。這些爆發可能代表只有少數沙門氏菌的實際數目在已連結到粉嬰兒配方奶粉的嬰兒的感染。管理這一問題需要在其中的多層面方法製造商、 監管機構和醫護人員的嬰兒都可以發揮作用。

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