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小樵 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

couple 的用法

我今天有看到一個字眼: I have reviewed the project, couple questions as below need to be clarified and discussed with you.

couple : 查過有"幾個"的意思。但是比較常用的是用來指夫妻、情侶、一對等等,..

我想問的是真正的外國人會這樣用嗎 a couple questions ?? several questions ??

因為感覺用couple 中文的解釋上可能是對的~代表中國人應該懂。可是外國人應該會聽不懂吧 ~一對問題??/夫妻問題???,...希望各位大大幫忙解惑,謝謝

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  • 9 年前

    是的, 外國人也用a couple of 來表示 「幾個」, 等同於a few 或 several.


    a couple of hours = a few hours

    within a couple of weeks = within several weeks

    I have reviewed the project, couple questions as below need to be clarified

    and discussed with you.


    1) 兩個句子不可僅以逗號連接, 此處可加連接詞and或while.

    2) couple不是形容詞, 應改為a couple of.

    I have reviewed the project, and a couple of questions as below need to be

    clarified and discussed with you.

    我看過企劃書了, 有如下幾個問題需要與你釐清與討論.

    2011-03-04 15:31:18 補充:

    既然a couple of seconds可以不是兩秒

    那麼a couple of days為何非剛好兩天不可?

    這樣的觀點不足以服人, 根據我與老外數十年的來往經驗, 這並不正確.


    I will pay you in a couple of days.

    這句我跟你打賭, 絕不會是兩天.

    至於a couple of tickets, a couple of keys, 屬於對談者已有共識是兩件的情況, 例如雙人房最多兩把鑰匙, a couple of就不會大於二, 這不必混為一談.

    參考資料: 母語不是英語的我們, 學英文就必須搞懂文法, 別聽信某些不負責任的論調而鬆懈.
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  • 9 年前






    a.two things or people of the same kind

    b. a small number of things

    a couple of days> 兩三天。

    同義詞是a few

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  • Ma
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    a couple of questions 的意思不一定是 "2" 個問題, 近於 I have some questions, I have several (a few) questions. 一般日常寫作沒那麼嚴謹.

    還有不少人是邊寫邊想, 後來想到什麼問題就再追加. 告訴你是 a couple of (issues / topics / questions), 然後後面接的是一常串越寫越多.

    2011-03-04 11:55:08 補充:

    When somebody answers you "Give me a couple of seconds to finish it"

    ... well, you better expect that it will take more time than 2 seconds for them to finish it.

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  • 9 年前

    A couple 通常就是兩個

    a couple of tickets 就是兩個票 不多也不少


    a couple of seconds,就像是 one second就是一點時間不是正好一秒鐘或兩秒

    妳不信我的話 可以數一數couple questions as below是不是正好有兩個問題

    2011-03-04 11:35:45 補充:

    I have a couple of air tickets for your vacation.兩張票

    I invited the couple next door for dinner tonight. 夫妻

    I need a couple of days to finish tax return. 兩天

    Please make me a couple of keys to this door. 兩個鑰匙

    Give me a couple of seconds...一點時間(不是兩秒鐘)

    2011-03-04 11:42:45 補充:

    How many A's do you get this semester? A couple. 兩個A

    How many schools did you apply to? A couple. 兩個學校

    2011-03-04 12:19:09 補充:

    Well, I made my point and it is your choice to believe it or not.

    2011-03-04 20:52:47 補充:

    既然give me one second可以不是一秒

    那麼give me one dollar為何非剛好一元不可?


    根據我身為老美十數年的經驗, 這是正確的


    a couple of X 通常是兩個X的意思except for the cases in idioms, such as

    "give me a couple of seconds"

    "give me ten seconds" where the numbers always mean "a little time"

    2011-03-04 21:02:30 補充:

    a couple of points:

    1. "a couple of X" meaning two X is the regular usage while meaning "a few" or "several" is idiomatic.

    2. it is incomplete to claim the latter as the "normal" usage and totally ignore the former.

    Exactly two points, see!

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