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embarrass things conversation

急需一篇英文對話腳本 兩人 盡量長一點



A:Hey! whats up!

B:Not really good

A:What happen?




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  • chen
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    embarrass things conversation 急需一篇英文對話腳本 兩人 盡量長一點

    There are two women, it seems as likely;

    Miss A. she is just walking to her company in the morning

    Miss B, she meets on the street working on the same company.

    . and it looks like unhappy Miss A, What's wrong, Miss B ?

    Miss B I need your advice again, Miss A.

    . How do I find to make with a boy-friend?

    Miss A, It's certainly needed,

    . I am thinking of a man who suits for you.. Keep the chance you want

    Miss B You know, I am too shied to make a touch with

    . any boy-friend keeping my chance.

    Miss A, It's true, Don't worry, I'll try to help you.

    Miss B, you know, every time I'm near a man,

    . I get tongue-tied.

    Miss A, You have to make the first-move, Miss B

    Miss B, .Like what?

    Miss A, Why not write a letter to the one you like,

    . It’s in our office

    Miss B, I am not good with words.

    Miss A.....Let me, I can write a great love letter for you.

    Miss B.....would you? Thanks!

    After the time passing,

    Miss A , she knew that Miss B who gave this letter

    . to a handsom boy in our office,

    . and said to Miss B

    . Did it ok?

    Miss B.... she said; the boy showed her letter to all colleagues.

    Miss A....It's too embrrassed for Miss B.

    Several days ago..

    Miss B....Making a plan,

    . she is necessary to relax on one day trip

    . and forget such a embarrass thing at all.

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