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幫我翻譯一下 (中翻英) 二十點

幫我翻譯一下,不要用奇摩翻譯 = =

盡量通順 不要文法不通 謝謝囉~~~



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    Basketball is a ball game involving two teams, each team played five players. Purpose of scoring the ball into the other basket and prevent the other side get the ball or scoring. Can pass the ball in any direction, cast, shoot, roll, or transport, subject to the following rules. However, the situation in a variety of basketball games to present three of the most popular street basketball game, it is a three on three games, but also about personal technology. Highest level of world basketball league is an American National Basketball Association (NBA).

    Basketball in1891by a Canadian priest Massachusetts Institute YMCA Nuys Middle Fu Boshi invention, because the local has a long, cold winter, not suitable for such a great football or baseball and other outdoor sports, so Called Nuys Middle Fu Boshi invent a suitable indoor sports, Neiss close Fu Boshi do not want the games he had invented as vulnerable as American football, soccer can also feel like a strong shot to increase scoring opportunities and Not good, so they invented basketball, and has13rules.

    Basketball Olympic Games in1904included performances, and by the1936Berlin Olympics, but also become an official project. As for the women's basketball to go to the Montreal Olympics in 1976, became a project.

    Is now a popular sport by young people, many young people are keen on playing basketball, while the emphasis is on basketball team

    Both rational and emotional, requiring coaches and players start with the left and right brain. With or without the ball in hand, you have to use your imagination with his teammates match, manufacture trap or block. Constantly running, constantly in order to accurately determine the players, coherent spatial thinking, creative imagination deal with opponents. Basketball is not only a physical competition, but also the intense psychological warfare. Experienced, mature veteran of personality, often the key to the ball at the last second shot, take the points lead before the air opponent.

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    Basketball was invented by Dr. Nuys Middle Fu who is a Canadian priest at YMCA of Massachusetts Institute in 1891.

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