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這段影片英文內容 高手幫忙聽幫忙翻譯

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麻煩高手幫我聽聽裡面內容 我不太了解 想知道他們再講什麼意思 能講越多越正確 就選他 裡面的一些單字 句子用法更好


能打出英文更好 我想多了解一些單字

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  • 9 年前

    after missing 9 games with a strained calf, The Celtics' emotional leader Kevin Garnett was back and read to five the team a shot of adrenaline. Switch on difense, Davis has now got the point guard, and garnett with a steal, kevin garnett with a steal. The boston celtics had held on and beaten the magic. It's tough to say whether K.G.'s emotion inspired his performance or vice versa, but after suffering knee injury this past few seasons, one thing is certain, this year, I feel like my intensityis right at where it needs to be, if you want to be anything in this league, you ought to have an edge. to me, He's the most intensed player I have ever seen. There is no room for soft, there is no room for a person who's gonna give, give ground. so you can see already he's frustrating him. Hell, you're trying to gain an advantage out here, if you'e not, you're in some trouble, can't handle it get off the court. Garnett's passion has fueled his hall of fame career, but it hasn't won him any popularity contest. I don't like K.G. because there this mean guy, he's... there's no love there, where is the love? you know what I'm saying? like non at all! My job is to stop you. so I don't anticipate you liking me, I don't anticipate you trying to be my friend. cause I'm not trying to be your friend. everybody does trash talk in the NBA, but sometimes he goes overboard. there is a line you have to be careful not to cross. KG has uh.. this year turned it up a notch, I I I really don't know why? the answer to that queation is up for debate. what is not whatever, is some around the league claimed that the line has become blurred for Garnett, and for that, he's drawn criticism.

    2011-03-11 10:11:09 補充:

    I used to be a big fan of his, you know I think some of the antics he's pulled lately, you know, You don't have to do that as a star. Yeah, I lost a little respect for him.Let's move to the NBA, My man Spike Lee chastising Kevin Garnett.

    2011-03-11 10:12:48 補充:

    Lee tells ESPN new york that Garnett went off on him during a recent game at the Garden. Kevin does nothing wrong, you know, plays the game the right way, all these people call him out, take on their team right now.

    2011-03-11 10:16:06 補充:

    other than that, I could care less any of that stuff. half the stuff you probably hear about me is not even true. I'm not doing anything different than I've been doing what 16, 15 years I've been playing.

    2011-03-11 10:17:23 補充:

    It's nothing personal towards anybody I play, that's the way I play, night in night out


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