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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前



為什麼會看到 consider + ( to be) + adj

consider+受詞+toV consider+ ving

consider的所有文法 謝謝!



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  • 9 年前

    原因很簡單, 就是主動與被動的區別.


    consider + Ving


    Will you consider moving to Hualian after you retire?


    be considered + to be Adj.

    = be considered as Adj.

    = be considered Adj.


    The document is considered (to be) illegal.

    2011-03-11 17:30:01 補充:

    >Charles Babbage is generally considered ____ the first computer.

    > A. to have invented B. inventing C. to invent D.having invent

    >根據上述 consider用法5,答案應該是A。

    沒錯, 答案是A

    因為is generally considered是被動.

    C的to invent雖也是不定詞, 但表示還沒發明, 不符語意, 故排除.

    2011-03-11 17:35:07 補充:

    consider在被動語態be considered是個不完全及物用法, 後面必須要接補語才完整, 補語可以是形容詞、副詞、名詞等.

    2011-03-11 17:41:31 補充:

    相對的, consider在主動語態如果所接的受詞語意不完整, 仍應接受補(OC), 同樣可以是形容詞、副詞、名詞等.


    被動: They can be considered educated people. (省略to be或as)

    主動: You can consider them educated people. (省略to be或as)

    參考資料: 多閱讀自然知道
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  • 9 年前

    Consider 的用法

    抄自 用法知多少

    1. consider + n. 仔細考慮;顧及;考慮到;細看 e.g. We considered his suggestion. 我們仔細考慮了他的建議。 Do consider the feelings of others.務必要顧及別人的感受。 We should consider his youth. 我們應當考慮到他尚年輕。 He stood considering the painting for some minutes. 他站著凝視了那副畫幾分鐘。

    2. consider + doing 考慮做... e.g. He is considering going to study abroad. 他正考慮出國留學。

    3. consider + wh. + to do 考慮怎麼做 e.g.We are considering how to get there. 我們正考慮如何達到那兒。 Have you considered who will finish the task? 你考慮過將由誰來完成這項任務了嗎?

    4. consider + 受詞 + (to be) ... 認為 ...是 ... e.g. I consider him (to be) my best friend. 我將他視為我最好的朋友。 He considers himself intelligent. 他認為自己很聰明。

    5. be considered to do /to be .... 被認為 do/是 ... e.g. He is generally considered to have the finest tenor voice in the country. 他被公認為該國最佳的男高音歌手。 He will be considered to be a weak leader. 他會被認為是個軟弱無能的領導人。

    6. consider + n.+(as) ... 視 ...為 ... e.g. We Chinese people have always considered the Chinese Revolution (as) a continuation of the Great October Socialist Revolution. 我們中國人民一貫把中國革命看作是偉大的十月革命的繼續。

    7. consider + 關代子句 仔細考慮 ... e.g. We considered what we should do next. 我們仔細考慮了下一步應該怎麼做。

    8. consider + that子句. 認為 ...;相信/斷定...;加以考慮...的事 e.g. I considered that the news was false. 我認為那消息不正確。

    9. consider + adv. 考慮再 ...(抄註:這不是加個副詞而已) e.g. Consider carefully before you decide. 你要慎重考慮後再決定。

    10.片語 all things considered 考慮到所有的情況;從全面考慮 e.g. All things considered, it is a good plan. 從全面考慮,這是個好計畫。

    例:,93年高考第15題Charles Babbage is generally considered ____ the first computer. A. to have invented B. inventing C. to invent D.having invent根據上述 consider用法5,答案應該是A。

    補充 consider 的用法:

    2011-03-11 17:21:33 補充:

    補充 consider 的用法:


    通常用 【consider + 受詞 + (to be) + 名詞 or 形容詞】(抄註:與第4相同)

    He is currently considered (to be) the best British athlete.

    We don't consider her suitable for the job.

    I consider myself lucky that I only hurt my arm in the accident.

    Do you consider him a friend of yours?

    2011-03-11 17:22:03 補充:

    12. 被動語態時(抄註:與第11相同)

    It is considered bad manners in some cultures to speak with your mouth full of food.


    To speak with your mouth full of food is considered as the bad manners in some cultures.

    Speaking with your mouth full of food is considered to be the bad manners in some cultures.)

    2011-03-11 17:22:18 補充:

    13. 【consider +(that)子句 】(抄註:與第8相同)

    She considers (that) she has done enough to help already.

    14. 【consider + V-ing 】(抄註:與第2相同)

    We're considering selling the house.

    2011-03-11 17:22:33 補充:

    15. 【consider + 關代問句 】(抄註:與第7相同)

    Have you considered what you'll do if you don't get the job?

    If you consider how long he's been learning the piano, he's not very good.


    2011-03-11 17:28:40 補充:

    consider 後面若接動詞,須用動名詞而非不定詞:

    I’m considering changing my job. (我正考慮換工作) (正)

    I’m considering to change my job. (誤)


    2011-03-11 17:43:42 補充:





    Charles Babbage is generally considered ____ the first computer.

    A. to have invented B. inventing C. to invent D.having invent


    2011-03-13 09:51:57 補充:




    除了consider 可加不定詞外,consider 也可以加 Ving。以及加 to be、加 as、加名詞、加、、。

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