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    因此把所知的都打出來囉:) 請您自行挑選

    gallant 勇敢的

    ex. She made a gallant attempt to hide her tears.

    gentle 溫柔的;有教養的

    ex. He is a gentle person.

    genuine 真誠的

    glorious 輝煌的;燦爛的

    gracious 優雅的;和藹的

    ex. She was the most gracious hostess I've ever known.

    greedy 貪婪的

    ex. The shareholders are freedy for profit.

    generous 慷慨的

    ex. It was very generous of your parents to lend us all that money.

    gorgeous 美麗的

    ex. You look gorgeous in that dress.

    glossy 虛有其表的;浮誇的

    ex. There are many glossy advertisements on TV nowadays.

    gregarios 愛交際的

    ex. The gregarious girl monopolized the telephone, conducting hour-long conversations with friends.

    gullible 易受騙的

    ex. He must have been pretty gullible to fall for that old trick.


    harsh 嚴厲的

    ex. The minister received some harsh criticism.

    handsome 英俊的

    ex. He is a really handsome man.

    honorable 光榮的;榮譽的

    humble 謙虛的

    ex. It has been an American ideal to rise from a humble beginning to a better position.

    humorous 幽默的

    ex. She had not intended to be humorous.

    hysterical 歇斯底里的

    ex. She was hysterical with grief.

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  • 9 年前

    H:handsome 英俊的 (男生用比較好,女生會變健美的......)

      honey 可愛的

      happy 快樂的G:glamorous 迷人的

      gentle 溫和的、和善的、仁慈的

      genial 和善的、親切的


    2011-03-13 21:46:01 補充:

    generous 慷慨的

    honest 誠實的

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