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哈囉~大家好!!我來自高樹 我目前是個學生在大仁科大就讀,且我主修護理。


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    Hi everyone!! I am from Gaoshu. I am currently a nursing student at Tajen University of Technology.

    There are three people in my family: my grandmother, father, and I. Being the only child, I tend to get spoiled by my father and grandmother alot. I enjoy watching TV, playing on my computer, music, and the occasional jog. My greatest dream is to become an IT engineer, so that I can write my own programmes, assemble my own computer, and most importantly, fix the computer by myself when it gets broken. I think that's a wonderful dream, and if there is a chance I will certainly look to conduct further studies in the field. I look forward to the day my dream comes true.

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    哈囉~大家好!!我來自高樹 我目前是個學生在大仁科大就讀,且我主修護理。


    Hello everyone!

    I'm from Gaoshu township. I'm a current student in Tajen University of Technology and my major is nursing.

    There are grandma, father and I in my family. Since I'm the only child, my grandma and father love me very much. My hobby is watching TV, playing computer and listening to music but sometimes I'd go jogging.

    My biggest dream is to be a computer engineer who is not only writing the programs but buliding the computers especially I can repair the computer by myself while it's broken . I feel great! Even I must take advanced courses! I wish my dream will come true someday.

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  • piglet
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    1 0 年前

    Hello ~ Hello everybody!! I come from a high tree, I am currently a student enrolled in a large PeopleSoft big, and I'm majoring in nursing.

    Members of my family, grandmother, father and me, I am the only child at home, so Dad and Grandma hurt me. Anyway, I like watching TV, playing computer and listen to music, occasionally go running. My greatest dream is to become a computer engineer, so that will not only write programs, but also main computer equipment, and the focus is to repair broken computers can, and I feel great, have a chance I will go back to school, I look forward to my dream True one day.

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