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急!!!! 英文達人幫忙翻譯><"











請不要用翻譯機或線上翻譯網站的喔 謝謝!!!^^

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    Now let's talk about accommodation - ChâteauBeach Resort - where is the scene in Cape No.7. This famous movie helps Château not only making high awareness but attracting more and more travelers to lodge now.

    There are three different styles of architecture which are Provence, Marbella and Positano in Château in the meantime.

    First of all, I'd like to introduce you Provence. Its name is from an area in southern France which we called Provence. This architecture is painted gold and royal blue that it brings us the feeling of mildness and brightness.

    The name of Marbella stems from Spanish which means the lovely climate(1). With the warm colors as pastelyellow and peach and sun light, it becomes a sense of Mediterranean leisure and luxury.

    Finally, Positano is the most beautiful town on Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. According to legend, Positano which was built by Poseidon was for his favorite goddess.

    Try to take a trip to Château and enjoy it!!!

    NOTE :

    1) 我有查了一下Marbella在西語中代表的是"美麗的氣候"..因此幫您修正

    參考資料: mich und die Website des Château
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    Now to introduce the live part of the beach hotel was cultivated Dingxia are available to the film Cape 七号 as the location, not only for the summer and have started a well-known, and now has become a lot of tourists will go.

    Summer is currently the general, Ma Beiya and Positano three different styles of other Museum.

    First to introduce the general museum, its name comes from Provence in southern France to the color of gold and sapphire blue barricaded the building, so always exudes a warm and bright atmosphere.

    The Ma Beiya from the Spanish pavilion has a beautiful sea of ​​the meaning of yellow and pink color and the warmth of the sun Fenju into the relaxed Mediterranean-style beauty.

    Museum of the final Positano Amalfi coast in southern Italy is the most beautiful town, the legend, Positano was Poseidon Poseidon for his beloved goddess of the construction!

    Welcome to the experience must come here to see Oh!!!聆聽以拼音方式閱讀 字典 - 檢視詳細字典

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