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中翻英 (不要按字翻,要正確)

「垃圾食物」很多人直覺會聯想到所有速食店所販賣的、號稱為外來食物的漢堡、薯條、炸雞、比薩、可樂等才是所謂的垃圾食物,其實並非如此,垃圾食物真正的定義指的是光提供一些熱量,別無其他營養素的食物。因為現在有許多上班族的人比較沒時間可以去烹煮,而且又不浪費時間 方便又快速可以取得。 我認為垃圾食物,指的是沒有均衡營養素,除了提供熱量的價值外,營養濃度非常低的食物,這些食物不僅沒有營養也容易發胖,根本是不值得吃的食物。健康食物能攝取更好的養分使身體更健康不容易生病

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  • 9 年前

    When it comes to 'junk food', what people tend to have on their minds include all the stuff sold in fast-food stores and so-called exotic food such as hamburger, french fries,chicken nuggets, pizza and coke. In fact, this is not always true. Junk food is actually defined as the food which only provides calories instead of nutrition..

    Having no time to cook nowadays, nine-to-five workers are prone to buy junk food becasue it is more convinent and easier to get.

    In my opinions, junk food is the food which contains unbalanced nutrition or extremely low nutrition except calories; in addition, it makes people get fatter and is truly not worthwile to eat.

    Healthy food contains better nutrition which prevents illness.


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  • 9 年前

    Well done! 阿倫

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