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可以請英文高手幫我翻成英文嗎? (有禮貌一點的說法)

我們是一個才藝班 因為有學生家長是外國人~需要這些英文翻譯



就是繳兩個月學費(就是預付4月跟5月的學費) 有贈送XXX

2.如裹不想要XXX(贈品) 也可以折抵學費 (?)元

3.這兩個方優惠方式您想選擇哪一個呢 ?


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    就是繳兩個月學費(就是預付4月跟5月的學費) 有贈送XXX

    There is a promotion going on till the month end of March.

    The gift of XXX is yours if you pay the two-month tuition for April and May at one time.

    2.如裹不想要XXX(贈品) 也可以折抵學費 (?)元

    You may also apply ? dollars of credit against the tuition, if you don't want the promotional gift.


    (我把你的中文也改了一下 語氣較順)

    Kindly choose either of the above two options.

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    1. We at the end of March but activities

    Is the payment of fees for two months (that is, April to May's tuition fees paid in advance) free XXX

    2. If the wrapped doesn't want XXX (gifts) also arrived in tuition fees can be folded (?) Yuan

    3. the two favorable way what do you want to choose which one?

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    1.我們在3月底前有個活動就是繳兩個月學費(就是預付4月跟5月的學費) 有贈送XXX

    We offer exclusive gifts until the end of March/this month if you prepay the school fee of the following months, April and May.

    2.如裹不想要XXX(贈品) 也可以折抵學費 (?)元

    The exclusive gifts could also be exchanged for discounts in (monthly) tuitions.

    3.這兩個方優惠方式您想選擇哪一個呢 ?\

    Which of the two discounts would you prefer?


    Thank you.

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