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self esteem's problem

I saw this on Yahoo UK Answers, what is the best of helping her? please


It's been five years since I left school but sometimes I see some people from school who hated me and whenever I see them they laugh at me. I live in a small town and i'm finding this hard to deal with. It's affecting my self esteem. Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

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    As you have clearing stated in your title, she has low self-esteem.

    So the problem is how she can help herself to gain confidence.

    But I've got to say, most people are hated by others for reasons.

    I used to have a friend who was always too self-conscious about what other people think of her. And she would get over-suspicious when people stare at her. She'd get anxious if her friends talk to other people and would always try to limit our social life. Later when I go to high school, I've also met a few other girls who had issues. Enigma, emos and bully victim who turned into a bully to protect herself.

    I soon realised that they all shared one common quality: they all care about too much of what others think.

    I could tell that she this girl with low-self esteem is the same.

    She sees other girls laughing at her, so what? Were they litterally pointing their fingers at her and laughing their heads off? I don't think so. Maybe they were just discussing about a movie they just watched. And if they really were laughing at her, she should just think that these girls are a bunch of retards then keep her head high and just ignore it. These clowns are waiting for a reaction, if she gives them what they want. They would continue to target on her.

    She shouldn't think too much of what others think of her.

    It's too tiring to try to live up to everyone's expectation.

    In fact, she should focus on gaining some confidence by learning a new skill, read a new book. Make more friends by joining some community services instead of stressing herself out thinking that she is hated by others.

    The town may be small, but i bet she hasn't met every single person in the town. I've been to church groups with a few of my Christian friends and the people there are really nice.

    After all, it all comes down to personality.

    Positive thinking attract positive people.

  • Ginisa
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    You could e-mail her that, "We all have similar experiences like this before, and I hope that a strong- minded girl like you will get over it." And share with her your similar experiences.

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    Yeah . .. I wondered if you understand Chinese or not :(

    Anyhow, I will suppose that you do since you are here. Let me know if you would prefer translations from Chinese to English. May God be with the world.

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    May God be with the world and lightened her depressed soul. Let it be.

  • 10 年前

    I think she knows all of the answers and just wants more lip services...

    How about this - give me their names and I will beat them up for you, $20 per head though. But seriously, every bully victim, such as her, has unique situation so that there is no quick solution to fix all.