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for all the rest of time是什麼意思

for all the rest of time是什麼意思,I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING 歌詞中找到的,又查知識好友翻出來的意思是--讓時間不在繼續,和英文本意差很多,all the rest直接翻又是什麼意思,請英文高手解答

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    the rest ( of sth) :

    the remaining people or things ; the others

    其餘的人; 其他的事勿; 其他ex: Don't blame Alex. He's human, like the rest of us.

    (不要責怪愛麗克絲。他和我們大家一樣 ,也是人。)The first question was difficult, but the rest were pretty easy.


    for the rest

    除此之外; 至於其他----------------------------------------------------------for all the rest of time 剩下的(所有)時間 / 剩餘的(所有)時間

    all the rest 其餘剩下的/ 剩下的全部

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    for all the rest of time 如果在歌詞裡,

    很可能是指--====生命中剩餘的時間/ 部份

    2011-03-19 20:53:41 補充:

    feel you heart so close to mine

    and stay here in this moment

    for all the rest of time




    參考資料: dictionary, I don't want to miss a thing 歌詞
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    the rest of +名詞 這個意思是 剩餘的...

    所以 the rest of time 就是 剩餘的時間

    加了all 就變成 所有剩餘的時間

    參考資料: 自己
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