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aspps001 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前



如題 ..

例: 桌球是個簡單又安全的運動

它不像棒球 足球 籃球需要很多人


也不像棒球 足球 籃球 會有肢體上的碰撞


因為桌球是室內運動 不受天氣限制 下雨天也能玩

就大概像這樣 ... 重點是 用英文介紹 謝謝

維基百科 那種太深了 ~

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  • 9 年前


    2)它不像棒球 足球 籃球需要很多人


    4)也不像棒球 足球 籃球 會有肢體上的碰撞


    6)因為桌球是室內運動 不受天氣限制 下雨天也能玩

    1) Table tennis(1) is a simple and safe exercise.

    2) It is not like baseball, soccer or basketball which needs a lot of players.

    3) Actually it needs only two players.

    4) It is not like baseball, soccer or basketball either which has bumps and bruises in the game.

    5) It is safe and it is not easy to get injured.

    6) You can play it without the influence of weather since table tennis is an indoor exercise.

    NOTE :

    1) 桌球 = table tennis

    2011-03-20 20:18:08 補充:

    2) exercise = sport = 運動

    3) 它不像 = "It is not like"

    參考資料: mich
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  • 9 年前

    Table tennis is a simple and safe movement

    It is not like baseball, football basketball requires a lot of people

    In fact, he only needs two people can play

    Baseball basketball football unlike the collision will be physically

    Security not easy to get hurt

    Because tennis is not subject to weather restrictions rainy day indoor games can be played

    參考資料: google翻譯
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  • 9 年前

    1.The pool is simple the safe movement.


    2.It does not look like the baseball soccer basketball to need many people.

    它不像棒球 足球 籃球需要很多人

    3. In fact it only needed two people to be possible to play.


    4.Also does not look like the baseball soccer basketball to be able to have on body's collision.

    也不像棒球 足球 籃球 會有肢體上的碰撞

    5.The security is not easy to be injured.


    6.Because the pool is the indoor sport also cannot play the weather limit wet weather.

    因為桌球是室內運動 不受天氣限制 下雨天也能玩

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