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  • 9 年前

    謝謝你的祝福,前陣子因為意外受傷了, 現在每天都要到醫院復健,最近身體有好轉了才給你回覆Thanks for your blessing. I was injured in an accident before/ not long ago.

    I've been taking the hospital's physical herapy,

    I felt that the condition of my body is getting better so I write this letter to reply you. * injured: to harm yourself or sb else physically, especially in an accident

    ( 尤指在事故中) 傷害,使受傷. was injured/ was hurt (被動語態) 因為不是自願受傷的,

    而是因某事物或意外受傷。 physical therapy 【醫學】物理療法; 理療


    2011-03-22 12:20:38 補充:

    rehabilitate :

    to help sb to have a normal, useful life again after they have been very ill/sick or

    in prision for a long time

    (使(重病患者) 康復; 使(長期服刑者) 恢復正常生活

    ex: a unit for rehabilitating drug addicts


    (病殘人的) 康復,更新; (罪犯的) 改過遷善

    ex: a rehabilitation center for drung addicts


    2011-03-22 12:21:02 補充:

    to begin to consider that sb is good or acceptable after a long period during which

    they were considered bad or unacceptable

    恢復…的名譽; 給…平反昭雪

    ex: He played a major role in rehabilitating Magritte as an artist.


    2011-03-22 12:21:08 補充:

    to return a building to its previous good condition

    使(建築物) 復原狀; 修復

    ex: Billions of pounds are being spent on rehabilitating inner-city areas.



    2011-03-22 12:28:01 補充:

    physical therapy(noun ):

    the treatment of disease, injury or weakness in the joints or muscles by exercises, massage and the use of light and heat

    physical therapy (AmE)= physiotherapy


    參考資料: dictionary+my brain
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  • Wangt
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    我想應該是 rehab 比較口語化吧

    看 ESPN 運動員受傷後復健都是用 rehab


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  • 9 年前

    意外受傷的復健 physical therapy較適用

    rehabilitation較常見用在戒毒,戒上癮等之精神官能方面 且較長期 可能需要被強制入住復健中心根治

    所以參照D大之文 拙改寫如下

    Thanks for the greetings. I got injured in an accident some time ago, and had been going to the hospital daily for physical therapy since then. I felt better recently so have time to write/reply now.

    2011-03-30 01:19:00 補充:


    rehab跟physical therapy的確常混在一起用。舉凡車禍,職業,運動,等意外造成筋骨之傷害,復健的specific療程就叫phycical therapy(中文翻成 物理治療)。這你走遍美國各復健中心,應該不會有其它專業療程名詞了。敝人也曾經歷長達一年的physical therapy療程,那過程真是不提也罷。

    祝大家永遠沒機會體驗physical therapy.

    2011-03-31 00:35:11 補充:


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  • 9 年前

    Thank you for the blessings. Since my accidental injury a while back, I have been going to the hospital for rehab every day. I am writing you back now because my health had just gotten better recently.

    rehab = rehabilitation

    2011-03-22 10:39:25 補充:

    我想 "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves" 是被社會風氣和大眾媒體誤導了!

    rehabilitation 是 therapy 的一種,顧名思義(re),是以”回到以前的狀況“ 為目的的 therapy. therapy 只是“治療”的統稱,譬如治療先天性的疾病或殘障就要說 therapy, 不可以說 rehabilitation.

    另外 rehabilitation 也可以用在 恢復受損的名譽,信用等.

    各位猜猜 NBA 的姚明在動完手術,可以回到球場之前他在做社麼?

    沒錯, Rehabilitation!

    2011-03-30 13:32:00 補充:

    這樣講好了: 複健都是治療,但治療並不一定都是複健. Comprende?

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