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The most important reason that life can exist on Earth is its atmosphere--the air around us. __(11)__ it, plant and animal life could not have __(12)__. There would be no clouds, weather, or even sounds, __(13)__ a deathlike stillness and an endlessly black sky. Without the protection of the atmosphere, the sun‘s rays would roast the earth by day. At night, with no blanketing atmosphere, the stored heat would escape into space, __(14)__ the temperature of the planet hundreds of degrees.

Held captive by Earth‘s gravity, the atmosphere surrounds the planet to a depth of hundreds of miles. However, all __(15)__ 1 percent of the atmosphere is in a layer about 20 miles deep just above the surface of the Earth. It is __(16)__ up of a mixture of gases and dusts. About 78 percent of it is a gas __(17)__ nitrogen, which is very important __(18)__ food for plants. Most of the remaining gas, 21 percent, is oxygen, __(19)__ all people and animals depend on for life. The remaining 1 percent is composed of a blend of other gases, __(20)__ carbon dioxide, argon, ozone, and helium--and tiny dust particles. These particles come from ocean salt crystals, bits of rocks and sand, plant pollen, volcanic ash and even meteor dust.

(A) called

(B) but

(C) developed

(D) including

(E) only

(F) without

(G) made

(H) which

(I) as

(J) dropping

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    11. F

    12. C

    13. B

    14. J

    15. E

    16. G

    17. A

    18. I

    19. H

    20. D

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    all but = only

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