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星ㄦ 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


planning for a quided businese activity



by yourself please :)

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  • 十三
    Lv 4
    9 年前

    Regarding the business plan,normally it composes the following topics,

    - Business objective (Goal to achieve)

    Target that the business conduct try to accomplish. Including market survey, sacle analysis, SWOT analysis, business model, and most critical the revenue and profit figures.

    - Menpower required

    type of team-members required, when they should join, budget

    - Tool required

    Any specific hardware, software, equipments and facilities required.

    - Budget and financial plan

    The budget is critical, it gives you a clear idea how much capital/ expenses needed to achieve the goal. The budget plan should include all the expenses forecast, including operation space, menpower, product development, marketing activities (promotion), office space, monthly facilities bills, ... everyhting that costs you dollars.

    - Schedule

    When to do what in terms of time frame, you may need to set the milestones for weekly/or monthly review.

    - Management and auditing

    How do you control the schedule and budget. How do you manage the team-members in case of schedule delay. You boss will love to see this.

    This is a very general framework for your business plan, happy hunting !!!

    2011-03-25 12:33:34 補充:

    typro, "sacle" should be "scale"

    2011-03-28 20:12:37 補充:

    Would like to add "Business Model" as another topics that you should consider.

    The Business Model will determinate all your business structure in daily operations. The business model could be very traditional, creative, or mixture of both.

    2011-03-28 20:12:44 補充:

    For instance, you may sell your products thru distribution channels, direct-sales, or thru Internet. Another example of business model is men-power allocation, You may consider to recruit part-timers as well as free-lancers, instead of regular employees, for efficiency and cost-down purpose.

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  • 9 年前

    Long time no see Master Chen ^ - ^

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  • chen
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    planning for a guided businese activity

    Let me try slightly to say something about the businese activity

    . in my ideal.

    The operation of small and medium businesses, those usually rely on

    . what the boss's personal ability acts to control the entire organization.

    Businesses [such bosses ] on the production, marketing, technology are

    . understood certainly,

    . therefore, the coordination between functional areas and

    . resource allocation decisions, the fact are often handled by themselves .

    As the market trend in the global to the division of functions under the big firms

    . whom have a global business competitiveness,. in addition to changes in the operation and management,

    . the other is to integrate internal information systems and

    . other enterprise information systems cooperate in order to

    . play industrial advantages to enhance overall competitiveness. ...

    But also they own internal operation are

    . the first important administrative communication. ...

    Operation of business;

    " as like the human body, as they must be up and normal

    . operation of their internal organs, adding his [ charm ] "再加上自己的 ["魅力"]

    So businesse has to be enough its the efficent operation and management

    . that, I can say, is a lasting excellent, operation successful ones. ...

    2011-03-23 20:08:20 補充:

    the human body

    . adjusting; the human bodies

    2011-03-26 15:12:15 補充:




    生產,營銷,販賣技巧 老闆瞭若指掌.,

    . 因此 裏裏外外功能協調 和資源分配的決定, 往往是獨自處理。

    大公司具有全球商業競爭力, 也隨著市場的趨勢在全球的職能分工下,

    . 除了改變經營和管理,另一種是整合內外情資系統並於其它企業合作,


    但最重要的是自己的內部運作 行政溝通.


    “就像 人的身體 他們其內部器官的運作須正常健康”

    因此 公司有足夠效率的運作和管理, 再加上[魅力]

    可說,是一個持久優異,操作成功的公司。 ...

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