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PopWei 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


I am scared of spiders. I realize this is not a logical fear, but I __(11)__ myself. I have been frightened by

spiders __(12)__ I was very young. For the following three reasons, spiders will never be pets of mine. The first

reason that I am scared of spiders is their __(13)__. I do not like their eight wispy, creepy legs. Spiders are never

__(14)__ seen, but rather dark and unattractive. They are often hairy, and the mere thought of multiple eyeballs

gives me shivers.

Spiders are not well-behaved. They are __(15)__ and always ready to sneak up on innocent victims. Spiders

have habits of scurrying across floors, dropping from ceilings, and dangling from cobwebs. One never knows

what to expect from a spider.

Finally I am scared of spiders due to a ”spider experience” __(16)__ a child. Having just climbed into bed, I

__(17)__ a particularly nasty-looking spider on the ceiling over my bed. My father came into dispose of it, and it

fell into bed with me. The thought of it crawling over me drove me from the bed __(18)__. After that, I checked

the ceiling nightly before getting into bed.

Many people love spiders. They are good for the environment and are __(19)__ needed on our planet.

However, because of my fear, __(20)__ though it may be, I’d rather just avoid contact with arachnids.

(A) as (B) appearance (C) since (D) certainly

(E) irrational (F) cannot help (G) shrieking (H) easily

(I) sly (J) noticed

2 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    (F)11. I cannot help myself 我情不自禁

    (C)12. since I was young 完成式用 since 表示「自小即害怕」

    (B)13. their appearance 怕蜘蛛長的樣子

    (H)14. never easily seen 不容易看到

    (I)15. they are sly 牠們很狡詐

    (A)16. as a child 孩提的

    (J)17. noticed a ~ spider 注意到一隻~的蜘蛛

    (G)18. drove me ~ shrieking 讓我尖叫

    (D)19. are certainly needed 確實需要

    (E)20. irrational though it may be 雖然不理性

  • 1 0 年前

    我害怕蜘蛛。 我知道這是不是一個合乎邏輯的恐懼,但我__(11)__自己。 我一直害怕

    蜘蛛__(12)__我很年輕。 對於以下三個原因,蜘蛛將永遠不會被我的寵物。 第一

    因此,我很害怕蜘蛛是他們的__(13)__。 我不喜歡他們 8束狀,令人毛骨悚然的腿。 蜘蛛是從未

    __(14)__一見,但有點暗,缺乏吸引力。 他們往往是毛,而一想到多眼球


    蜘蛛是不是乖巧。 它們是__(15)__隨時準備悄悄對無辜的受害者。 蜘蛛

    已經習慣在地板亂竄,去掉天花板和垂掛蜘蛛網。 誰也不知道


    最後,我很害怕蜘蛛由於“蜘蛛體驗”__(16)__個孩子。 剛剛的Clim 床 到床上,我

    __(17)__特別很危險的蜘蛛在天花板上了我的床。 我的父親來到處置它,它

    我掉進床。 它爬行的思想對我開車送我從 床上 __(18)__。 在此之後,我檢查


    很多人都喜歡蜘蛛。 他們是優秀的環境,是__(19)__需要對我們的星球。

    但是,由於我的恐懼,__(20)__雖然它可能是,我寧願避免 接觸 與蜘蛛。