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ping 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

請問以下不同的地方, start now on


A. Start now on

B. From now on

C. Until now

D. After now

_________,smoking is pohibited in this building.

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  • 匿名使用者
    9 年前

    A. Start now on , ( this is not a grammar mistake, however, no one actually use it in a sentence, so I do no recommend you to use it.)

    B. From now on: it means from now till the future, so you can put in a sentence like "from now on, I will listen to my mom", which means you weren't listening to your mom before and now you are going to listen to your mom.

    C. Until now: it means from before till now, so you can put it in a sentence like "until now, i know how much i love you" which means at past, i did not know how much I love you, but now I realized how much I love you.

    D. After now: this is also rarely used by people, people usually use "afterwards" or just "after XXX" it means "after a certain time" . sentence can be written as " afterwards, government started to care about its people" which means after a certain event, the government started to care about its citizen. or you can write as "after WW2, poeple realized how terrible war is"

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  • 9 年前






    參考資料: 哇洗英文老師
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