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瓶子 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

(有關工作事項),請幫忙中翻英 。謝謝!

1. 提升公司高階管理人員及各部門行政作業人員電腦操作技能:使其學會並熟悉編輯、製表與列印等基本電腦操作。

2. 指導各部門將人工作業改為電腦化作業:利用網路郵件傳遞或於伺服器建置專屬空間存放,且僅供具合法授權人員瀏覽讀取,除促使資訊更為即時保密、減少人員重複工作、提升工作效率外,並降低傳真費用與紙張浪費。


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  • piglet
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    9 年前

    1. enhance the company's senior management and the department of administrative workers computer skills: to learn and become familiar with editing, tabulation and printing and other basic computer operations.

    2. guiding manual work of various departments will be converted to computer-based operations: mail delivery, or use the Internet to build dedicated storage space on the server, and only authorized personnel with a view to read, in addition to make information more immediate security, reduce staff Duplication of effort, improve work efficiency, and reduce fax costs and paper waste.

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  • 9 年前

    1. 提升公司高階管理人員及各部門行政作業人員電腦操作技能:使其學會並熟悉編輯、製表與列印等基本電腦操作。 1. Enhance computer operation techniques of managerial staffs and every departmental administrator that make them get familiar with the basic operation such as editing, listing and print. 2. 指導各部門將人工作業改為電腦化作業:利用網路郵件傳遞或於伺服器建置專屬空間存放,且僅供具合法授權人員瀏覽讀取,除促使資訊更為即時保密、減少人員重複工作、提升工作效率外,並降低傳真費用與紙張浪費。 2. To guide each department change from a mechanical work to a computerized environment. Email transmission or personal storage-space on a server is also able to be browsed and downloaded only by those authorized staffs in order to make information much safer, avoid duplicate jobs, increase work efficiency, reduce fax costs and prevent paper waste.

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