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i. Dissemination of Procedures. Provisions should be

made to ensure that all personnel or units responding

to the accident are provided written information

describing procedures to follow in requesting logistical

or administrative support. This information should

indicate clearly to whom requests should be submitted,

and who the approval authority is. The status of all

requests should be monitored and any problems

encountered reported to the requesting person or


j. News Media and JIC Support. Advance planning

should take into account the possible billeting, messing,

and transportation support for news media as authorized

by DoD and Service directives. The number of media

personnel could vary from a small number to hundreds

depending upon the severity of the accident. Close

coordination is requued with the Public Affairs Office

(PAO) to determine specific requirements. The Joint

Information Center (JIC) should be provided full

logistical support including transportation, expendable

and non-expendable equipment, and supplies. Specific

requirements will be determined by the PAO.

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    i. 做法的傳播。 應該做供应保证反應事故的所有人員或單位是被提供的书面信息描述做法跟隨在請求後勤或管理支持。 這信息應該明顯地表明對誰請求應該遞交,並且誰認同當局是。 應該監測所有請求的状况和所有問題遇到向請求的人报告或組織。 j. 新闻媒体和JIC支持。 预先的计划應該考慮到可能的宿營,弄亂和運輸支持新闻媒体如批准由DoD和服務方針。 媒介的数量人員可能從一個小數字變化到上百根据事故的嚴肅。 關閉協調requued與公共事务辦公室(PAO)確定具體要求。 應該充分提供聯合情报中心(JIC) 後勤支援包括運輸、可犧牲和non-expendable設備和供應。 具體要求取决于將PAO。

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