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一些英文單字的用法(only merely......)

請問only, merely, solely, alone 的用法差異在哪?

以及exhibition, exposition和display 適用為"哪些對象"的展覽



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  • Huevos
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    Negative connotation (負面): only(只有), merely(雖少), alone(單一)

    Positive connotation (正面): only(唯一), solely(唯一)

    Exposition (Expo) = 展覽 (大型) --- 較久的展覽 (幾個月)

    Exhibition = 展覽 (中型) --- (幾個禮拜)

    Display = 展覽 (小型) --- 短期 (幾天)

    花博 跟 上海世博 都是稱為Expo (好幾個月)

    2011-04-17 21:13:14 補充:

    Expo = 規模較大 (很多東西都有展覽)

    Exhibition = 規模也蠻大的 (單一個focus (電子, 保險, 旅展 etc.)

    2011-04-17 21:13:40 補充:

    2011-04-17 21:20:29 補充:

    I was the only one who showed up (負面)

    The land was the host and humans merely guests (負面)

    I was left alone to do my assignment (負面)

    He is the one and only saviour (正面)

    His love comes solely from his passion (正面)

    2011-04-17 21:22:10 補充:

    The phone on display (小的東西)

    The Taipei Flora Expo was awesome (很大的)

    The food exhibition last week (中型的)