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River south 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


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  • 9 年前

    Summer is over, time to embrace the warm rich colors.

    Have your foundation and concealer on, and darken your brows, make sure your brow pencil has a neutral tone. the result will appear more natural. so brush your hairs down and fill in your brows, I prefer to start in the middle and work my way out. The outer end should appear darker and the front should start lighter.

    Now brush it back in place. using Lancome color design palette, I'm selecting a brown shade. and with the filbert brush, apply directly on the lids closest to the lash line, keep the color within the crease area. don't forget the lower lash line.

    Blend the colors with a fluffy brush. and use a window wiper motion to wipre it out. remember to leave the brow bone untouched. also blend out the lower lash line.

    Select a champagne color and apply directly in the inner corner of the eyes. I always make sure to birghten this area up because it helps bring in more light to the eyes. Since this is a very natural tutorial, I'll only stick with two eye shadow colors. and apply directly on the outer V because this will prodive more definition. remember to feather out the edges, this will soften up the make up.

    Time to tight-line your eyes. select a good eyeliner pencil and use a brush for steady control and line your eyes, stays close to the lash line, you're almost drawing directly on your lashers. make sure to move in one direction so it dosen't damage your lashers. also try not to pull on your lids. you want to be as gentle as possible because the natural elastin in your eyes will break down faster everytime you tuck on your eyes. don't forget the water line.

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    and finishing up the corner by connecting the two lines.

    curl you lashes, this will open your eyes. using yves saint laurent mascara, and using a brush to protect my lids evenly coat your lashes, this is an easy and efficient way to coat each lash.

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    you have better control when you use a snag bit(一種刷子的名稱,我不能確定).

    Coat your lower lash line too. and if you accidentally smudge your mascara, it's okay because the brush will remove it. finish it off with a dark salmon lipstick, nude looks will creat a better focal point on your eyes.

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    Now you're finished.後面的就不重要了,我打過,可是已超過字限.查一下字典,若有問題的部分道我信箱來問.

    參考資料: jim
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