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明天要做英文辯論 但是我有幾個題目一點頭緒都沒有 (很急)

明天要做英文辯論 但是我有幾個題目一點頭緒都沒有...


但我有幾個怎麼也想不到該怎麼說 甚至連題目都看不太懂

請大大能夠給我每個題目1~2個reason or main idea, 還需要題目翻譯

1.Creationism should be taught in publicschools

2 Prostitution should belegalized in the United States

3 Wealthy people should notreceive tax breaks.

4 Colleges should expel/suspendstudents for making overtly racist comments

5 States should never make highereducation cuts

6 Abortion should be made illegal

7 college professors should have aprofessional dress code

希望有大大能幫幫我 謝謝!

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    幫你翻譯解釋,至於reason or main idea是我的個人意見呦,你不見得需要同意。

    1.Creationism should be taught in public schools


    pro: creationism as a central spirit of christianity that has affected the entire western culture and civilization, omitting teaching or even mentioning it in school constitutes gross negligence

    con: public schools should avoid to speak for any particular sector of religions, including Christianity despite of its huge cultural influence and presence

    2 Prostitution should be legalized in the United States


    pro: if you can't ban its existence, you'd better allow and regulate its practice

    con: prostitution legalization is equal to indirect promotion of such practise that only deteriorate social value systems

    3 Wealthy people should not receive tax breaks.


    pro: if they earn more, they should contribute more and subsidize the less well-to-do people

    con: you don't punish someone working hard to entitle to better economic rewards, while providing tax benefits for those with less motivation to work hard.

    4 Colleges should expel/suspend students for making overtly racist comments


    pro: as a higher education institution, colleges should maintain its value standards by not letting the freedom of speech running wild

    con: colleges have no right to infringe students' freedom of speech

    5 States should never make higher education cuts


    pro: higher education is essential to sustain the country's dominance and strength in terms of many aspects from culture, technology, economy, or even national security.

    con: not everyone is interested or gets admission to higher eduction, therefore public money should not be overly spent. let the students pay for their fair shares.

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    6 Abortion should be made illegal 墮胎不應合法化

    pro: as the Bible says "thou shall not kill", no one has the right to terminate life, despite how fragile the life can be at the fetus (胚胎)stage

    con: if you can not ban it, you'd better allow it and regulate it well

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    7 college professors should have a professional dress code


    pro: professors are a profession of a certain status that is generally respected by the public, they should dress up to live up to such images.

    con: what happened to this country, not even freedom of dress up or down?

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    6, 7 限於字數,貼在意見區。

    GOOD~~~ LUCK ~~~