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1. 很遺憾通知您,四月5日寄給我們的貨少了3箱,請立即調查。

2. 如你從目錄所見,我們提供各式各樣的產品,設計優美,經久耐磨,簡單易用、並且全面保固一年。

3. 我們於5月2日向您訂購100台自行車,原訂6月底前交貨,但至今尚未收到,我們別無選擇只有取消訂單。


4. 以下為Bob Huntington先生8/20日寫給華毯公司的信。請協助業務經理 Janet Wang回函。因之前對方從未與華毯做過生意,冒然答應他的請求可能會有風險。請要求對方,提供往來商號或銀行的名稱資料以供查詢。一旦得到滿意的徵信結果,即會寄給他貨品試賣。請注意寫信的語氣,避免在保護自己的同時,冒犯了潛在的客戶,同時信末展現誠意,表達欲開啟雙方的長期合作的意願。

Dear Sir,

A number of our customers have recently expressed an interest in your rugs and have inquired about their quality.

There is an increasing demand in this country for fine handmade rugs. If your prices are competitive and the quality comes up to our expectations, your goods will find a ready market here. Before placing a firm order, however, we would be obliged if you would sned us on 14 days approval a selection of oriental rugs. Any of the items unsold at the end of this period and which we decide not to keep as stock would be returned at our expense.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    中譯英(15% )

    1. 很遺憾通知您,四月5日寄給我們的貨少了3箱,請立即調查。We regret to inform you that the shipment you sent dated on April 5 the shortage was 3 cartons, please investigate this matter at once.

    2. 如你從目錄所見,我們提供各式各樣的產品,設計優美,經久耐磨,簡單易用、並且全面保固一年。As per you can see from our catalogue, we provided all kinds of products with graceful design, long & hard wearing, easily to use, and with one year’s guarantee.

    3. 我們於5月2日向您訂購100台自行車,原訂6月底前交貨,但至今尚未收到,我們別無選擇只有取消訂單。

    For your information, we ordered 100 sets of bicycle form you on May 2, the original shipping schedule was before end June, but we didn’t receive the shipment till now yet; we had no choice but have to cancel the order.

    貿易書信(15% ):請解釋以下的英文跟回覆英文書信如以下要求: Dear Mr. Bob Huntington, Your e-mail dated on Aug.20 received with much thanks. First of all, we are happy to know that your clients are interested in our rugs. For your information, we are very glad to send our fine handmade rugs to you and we hope that we can cooperate with each other in the coming days very soon. Meantime, we would like to inform you that our company policy requested that if you can provide your company profile and your correspondent bank for our reference in order to do credit checks. We would be obliged if you could provide the above mentioned details at your soonest convenience, then we will send our products for your trial sell upon we get satisfied result of your background checks. Finally, we would like to express again of our sincerity to cooperate with you in order to make mutual benefit in the coming future. We expect to receive your favorable reply very soon. Sincerely yours, XXX CompanyJanet Wang/ Sales managerJudy Lee/ Sales assistant for Ms. Janet Wang


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    哈囉!我的術科差了幾分(達60才過)~ 已報名7月份的乙級考試囉~ 一起加油!

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    Hello, Summer,

    非常開心您所提出的疑問, 我剛查一下以下例句:

    The total shortage was 500 tons. (短缺之總額為五百噸。)

    不過您的見解3 cartons是複數,應該是要用were.



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    Hello, Summer 我們一起加油! 我也是中部考區的~ 希望我們對於結果都滿意~

    參考資料: 本身也有參加100年第一次國貿乙級考試
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    the shortage was 3 cartons.

    不用寫用 the shortage were 3 cartons?


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    所以囉!感謝你用心提供一切 。