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Perhaps the only big winner from the campaign was China . It was striking how the issue of the mainland itself was absent. Instead candidates jousted over plans for public housing and job creation. Taiwan usually enjoys its de facto independence and loathes China ’s military threat. So, the KMT tends to avoid parading its ties to the government in Beijing . But this time the DPP also refrained from whipping up anti-China sentiment. It is responding to a new awareness that Chinese business is essential to Taiwan ’s economic survival.Mr Ma, for his part, claimed confirmation that his China policy is acceptable to the Taiwanese majority. The government in Beijing can be expected to continue supplying commercial sweeteners, in line with its strategy for luring Taiwan back to the fold. China wasted no time sending a negotiator to Taipei to arrange for a summit on investment protection and medical co-operation. Certainly, it would like to see political integration too, but first things first. Better to wait till after the 2012 presidential election for that.The DPP has anyway reinvented itself. Two years ago it was at a low point: its former leader, Chen Shui-bian, had been sent to jail on charges of corruption. President in 2000-08, he was a firebrand for explicit independence. But under the leadership of Ms Tsai, a new generation of moderates has emerged and the DPP is working hard to attract professionals and youths. Ms Tsai has been hailed as a DPP candidate for the presidency, as has Su Tseng-chang, who served under Mr Chen.

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    也許唯一的大贏家是來自中國的活動。這是引人注目的問題是如何在大陸本身是沒有的。相反候選人 jousted超過公共房屋計劃和創造就業機會。台灣通常享有其事實上的獨立和厭惡中國的軍事威脅。因此,國民黨傾向避免炫耀其同政府在北京舉行。但是這一次,民進黨也忍住從掀起的反中國情緒。這是應對新的認識到,中國企業必須對台灣的經濟命脈。



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