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    茶的故事 The Story of Tea

    In ancient times, tea was not known outside China.在古代,茶是中國不知道外面。 Rumors of its existence had reached the wise and the unwise of other countries, and each tried to find out what it was in accordance with what he wanted or what he thought it should be.傳聞已達到其存在的明智和不明智的其他國家,每試圖找出它是什麼,按照他想要的東西或什麼,他認為是應該的。

    The King of Inja (here) sent an embassy to China, and they were given tea by the Chinese Emperor.國王的Inja(在​​這裡)發送到中國大使館,他們給予了中國皇帝茶。 But, since they saw that the peasants drank it too, they concluded that it was not fit for their royal master: and, furthermore, that the Chinese Emperor was trying to deceive them, passing off some other substance for the celestial drink.但是,因為他們看到,農民喝的太多,他們的結論是不適合他們的皇室主:和,此外,在中國皇帝試圖欺騙他們,傳遞了一些其他的天體物質的飲料。

    The greatest philosopher of Anja (there) collected all the information he could about tea, and concluded that it must be a substance which existed but rarely, and was of another order than anything then known.最偉大的哲學家安雅(有)收集所有信息,他可以對茶,並認為它必須是一種物質存在,但很少,並且是比任何其他訂單當時所知。 For was it not referred to as being a herb, a water, green, black, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet?至於是不是被提到的一草,一水​​,綠,黑,有時是痛苦,有時甜蜜?

    In the countries of Koshish and Beinem, for centuries the people tested all the herbs they could find.在國家 Koshish和Beinem,數百年的人測試了所有他們能找到的草藥。 Many were poisoned, all were disappointed.許多人中毒,都是失望。 For nobody had brought the tea-plant to their lands, and thus they could not find it.為任何人帶來了茶葉,植物他們的土地,因此他們無法找到它。 They also drank all the liquids which they could find, but to no avail.他們所有的液體也喝了,他們可以找到,但無濟於事。






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    In the territory of Mazhab (Sectarianism) a small bag of tea was carried in procession before the people as they went on their religious observances.在其領土內 Mazhab(宗派主義)一小袋茶葉在遊行前進行的,因為他們去了他們的宗教紀念活動。 Nobody thought of tasting it: indeed, nobody knew how.沒有人想到它的味道:事實上,沒有人知道。

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    All were convinced that the tea itself had a magical quality.所有深信,茶葉本身有一個神奇的質量。 A wise man said, "Pour it upon boiling water, ye ignorant ones!"一位智者說:“倒入開水後,你們的無知!”

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    They hanged him, because to do as he said, according to their belief, would mean the destruction of their tea.他們絞死了他,因為這樣做,他說,根據他們的信仰,將意味著破壞他們的茶。

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    This showed that he was an enemy of their religion.這表明,他是敵人,他們的宗教。

    Before he died, he told his secret to a few, and they managed to obtain some tea and drink it secretly.去世前,他告訴他的一些秘密,他們成功地獲得了一些茶葉和飲料秘密。

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    When anyone asked, "What are you doing?"如果有人問:“你在幹什麼?” they answered, "It is medicine which we take for a certain disease."他們回答說,“這是藥,我們採取了某些疾病。”

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    And so it was throughtout the world.因此,這是throughtout世界。 Tea had actually been seen growing by some, who did not recognise it.茶實際上已出現增長了一些,誰不承認它。 It has been given to others to drink, but they thought it the beverage of the common people.這是給別人喝,但他們認為這飲料的普通百姓。

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    It had been in the possesion of others, and they worshipped it.它一直在佔有別人的,他們崇拜它。 Outside China, only a few people actually drank it, and those covertly.中國以外,只有少數人真正喝,那些隱蔽。

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    Then came a man of knowledge, who said to the merchants of tea, and the drinkers of tea, and to others, "He who tastes, knows. He who tastes not, knows not. Instead of talking about the celestial beverage, say nothing, but offer it at your banquets.

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    Those who like it will ask for more. Those who do not, will show that they are not fitted to be tea-drinkers. Close the shop of argument and mystery, and open the teahouse of experience!"


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    不要談論天體的飲料,說什麼,但提供它在你的宴會。那些誰喜歡它會要求更多。那些誰不這樣做,將表明,他們並不適合無雙茶愛好者。關閉商店和神秘的爭論,並開啟茶館的經驗! “

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    The tea was brought from one stage to another along the Silk Road, and whenever a merchant carrying a jade or gems or silk would pause to rest, he would make tea, and offer it to such people as were near him, whether they were aware of the repute of tea or not.

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    茶被從一個階段到另一個沿著絲綢之路,每當一個商人帶著玉或寶石或絲綢會停下來休息,他將茶,它提供給這些人接近他的人,不管他們知道茶葉的聲譽與否。 This was the begining of the Chaikhanas, the teahouses which were established all the way from Peking to Bokhara and Samarkand.這是開始的Chaikhanas,

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    茶館裡的所有的方式建立了從北京到布哈拉和撒馬爾罕。 And those who tasted knew.而那些嚐到誰知道。

    At first, mark well, it was only the great and the pretended men of wisdom who sought the celestial drink and who also exclaimed, "But this is only dried leaves!"

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    起初,標記好了,它只有偉大和智慧的男子假裝尋求天體誰喝,誰也感嘆道,“不過,這只是幹葉!” or "Why do you boil water, stranger, when all I want is the celestial drink?"或“你為什麼燒開水,陌生人,當我發現我要的是天體喝?”

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    or "How do I know what this is? Prove it to me. Besides the color of the liquid is not golden, but ochre!"或“我怎麼知道這是什麼?證明給我。除了顏色的液體是不是金色,但赭石!”

    When the truth was known, and when the tea was brought for all who would taste,

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    the roles were reversed, and the only people who said things like the great and intelligent had said were the absolute fools.

    當被稱為真理,當茶被帶到所有誰的味道,角色互換,唯一的人說這樣的話:誰的偉大和智慧曾表示是絕對的傻瓜。 And such is the case to this day.而這樣的情況下這一天。

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