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所以ㄋ 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂電影 · 9 年前






Pixie Lott- Broken arrow






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  • 9 年前



    2.專輯名稱: 野獸情人(Beastly) 電影原聲帶

    3.專輯歌手: 眾多藝人

    4.專輯語言: 英



    01. Regina Spektor – On The Radio

    02. Hanover Swain – Vanity

    03. Toby Martin – Garden of Exile

    04. The Vines – Get Free

    05. Raney Shockne – Boys Girls (feat. Jessie Mann)

    06. Gersey – Crashing

    07. Wenzel Templeton Robert Pegg – Transatlanticism

    08. Tim Myers – Today Is the Day

    09. Army Navy – The Long Goodbye

    10. Mat Kearney – Breathe In, Breathe Out

    11. Fire Theft – Heaven

    12. Raney Shockne – Broken Arrow (feat. Jessie Mann)

    13. Kristina The Dolls – Be Mine

    電影主題曲BE MINE-官方MV官方MV官方MV官方MV (極推薦!)

    第一首 ON THE RADIO

    This is how it works

    It feels a little worse

    Than when we drove our hearse

    Right through that screaming crowd

    While laughing up a storm

    Until we were just bone

    Until it got so warm

    That none of us could sleep

    And all the Styrofoam

    Began to melt away

    We tried to find some words

    To aid in the decay

    But none of them were home

    Inside their catacomb

    A million ancient bees

    Began to sting our knees

    While we were on our knees

    Praying that disease

    Would leave the ones we love

    And never come again

    On the radio

    We heard, 'November Rain'

    That solo's really long

    But it's a pretty song

    We listened to it twice

    'Case the DJ was asleep

    This is how it works

    You're young until you're not

    You love until you don't

    [| From: |]

    You try until you can't

    You laugh until you cry

    You cry until you laugh

    And everyone must breathe

    Until their dying breath

    No, this is how it works

    You peer inside yourself

    You take the things you like

    And try to love the things you took

    And then you take that love you made

    And stick it into some

    Someone else's heart

    Pumping someone else's blood

    And walking arm in arm

    You hope it don't get harmed

    But even if it does

    You'll just do it all again

    And on the radio

    You hear, 'November Rain'

    That solo's awful long

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  • tepper
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    4 年前

    Crashing Gersey Lyrics

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  • 9 年前

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  • 9 年前

    有出原聲帶 (而且是兩張 其中一張為原創配樂)


    專輯: Beastly (Songs From The Motion Picture)



    (前為曲名 後演唱者)

    1. On the Radio- regina spektor

    2. Vanity - Hanover Swain

    3. Garden of Exile - Toby Martin

    4. Get Free -The Vines

    5. Boys And Girls (feat. Jessie Mann)- Raney Shockne

    6. Crashing - Gersey

    7. Transatlanticism - Wenzel Temp leton & Robert Pegg

    8. Today Is the Day -Tim Myers

    9. The Long Goodbye - Army Navy

    10. Breathe In, Breathe Out - Mat Kearney

    11. Heaven - The Fire Theft

    12. Broken Arrow (feat. Jessie Mann) - Raney Shockne

    13. Be Mine- Kristina & The Dolls

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