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Roll Call Training

請問Roll Call Taining是啥? (Roll Call我知道是點名)

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    Roll Call Training


    例如美國華盛頓特區警察局的Roll Call Training計劃

    In-service roll call training is instruction or informational sessions of short duration administered to sworn members, usually during their tour of duty at roll call. It supplements other Department training and provides an open forum for discussion of crime and disorder, safety, and policy issues. The goal of daily roll call training is to keep members up-to-date between formal retraining sessions; therefore it must be well managed and supervised. Roll call training should include, but not be limited to the following tasks: reading and discussing training modules provided by the Institute of Police Science (IPS), briefing members with information regarding daily patrol activity, with particular attention given to unusual situations, potential and actual police hazards, changes in the status of wanted persons, stolen vehicles, major investigations, and information regarding relevant community-based initiatives, if any; notifying members of changes in schedules and assignments; notifying members of new directives or changes in directives; and evaluating patrol member readiness to assume patrol.