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績效應翻成merits 還是achievements好?

績效應翻成merits 還是achievements好?

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    績效應翻成merits 還是achievements好?我想是merits比較好,such as in “Merit Review”.Merit 一般來說 是比較外在的,是要別人認可的 要有實質上的價值而achievements是(自我)內在的肯定例:It is a great achievement for you to finish 100 books in your summer vacation.因為這件事對其他人沒有實質上的價值 所以不能用MeritThis law suit has no merit and my school will defend itself vigorously.這裡要用merit 我想除了律師以外應該沒有人會認為lawsuit是achievement

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    adding "performance" into discussion by using the following example:

    The merit of using this high performance engine is to achieve 300 mph.

    Now, can you tell me the subtle difference of these 3 words?

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    Hey, Dude - give me some feedback or am I talking to a wall?

    2011-06-02 11:18:32 補充:

    Are you really that humble or do you really have no opinion at all?

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  • 9 年前

    我的資歷淺..還強高深者發表意見merit, achievement, performance的不同..

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    9 年前

    would suggest to use "performance" as another option.

    performance evaluation - 績效評估, 績效考核

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  • 9 年前

    在西方國家有些學校的成績單上會以 'merits' 表示,但當老師與父母座談時,會用 'achievements' 來形容學生~~

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  • 9 年前

    Your merits added to your achievements.

    But, your achievements are not necessary be counted as your merit.

    Merit has to be achieved by certain "high" quality of your achievements.

    But, your achievements can be some basic (or minimum) expectation.

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