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翻譯求助medical treatment futile


但是我英文不太好 麻煩熱心助人的大大幫忙了謝謝!!!

P.S 請不要直接丟辜狗翻譯

that there is a 觀念叫做 “medical treatment futile” 因為我們往往希望病人痊癒 卻忽略當病人在所有療法已無效卻強行實施急救時會造成醫療的浪費 所以在診療的過程 我們必須與醫生多做討論 多去了解病患的狀況 必要時時聽從醫生的意見而下判定 假如診療真的沒用 過多的治療只會造成病患更多的病痛和無尊嚴的死亡 以前我外公到最後就是選擇安寧療養 雖然終究離開我們 但是是有尊嚴的過世

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    There is a concept named “medical treatment futile.” We always wish that patients can fully recover from illness, but we often neglect that medical wastes would be caused when we insist on rescuing the patients who had tried all possible treatments. Therefore, in treatment process, in order to know more about patients’ condition, we must discuss with doctors in details and listen to doctors’ suggestion to make decisions when it’s necessary. If the treatments didn’t work, we should stop it. Too many treatments only cause patients have more pain and die without dignity. My grandfather chose hospice care in the very end moment. Although he left us at last, at least, he passed away with dignity


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