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threshold metric where 要怎麼翻???


Smoothing attempts to improve element quality by moving locations of nodes with respect to surrounding nodes and elements. The Low, Medium, or High option controls the number of smoothing iterations along with the threshold metric where the mesher will start smoothing.


In cases in which Smoothing is set to High and CutCell meshing is being used, additional smoothing of inflation layers occurs. This may slow down the prism generation process. Refer to The CutCell Meshing Workflow for additional details on Smoothing settings and their effects on CutCell meshing.


threshold metric where 是什麼東西???

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    本小段 應是在說明某個可以把東西表面從粗糙不平磨得比較光滑的機器 有三種設定可供選擇 low, medium, high (愈強表「磨平」的反複動作次數愈多) metric應是指某個有 度量性能的裝置 例: 一旦 medium被選用 該機器就會帶動出和它相對應的刻度而執行出該有的「磨平」次數 至於threshold 在此有兩個可擇一的含意 1. 空間位置: 在入口開端處2. 設定數字: 最低的門檻數字請實際再行細看該機器構造 就很可能找到答案

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