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  • PONY
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    9 年前

    這兩者是有許多區別的 1. 字義上:habitat (n.) (某種生物,特別是動物的)棲息地 environment (n.) 環境 (小到居家、辦公室、教室、公園、社區,大到整個都市、國家、地球、整個大自然的環境;從前述具體的到抽像的,政治的、經濟的、文化的、國際的、善惡意的等等) 2. 範圍方面:Environment 比 habitat寬廣許多 且具有抽像意義 3. 實際應用上 (片語例句):

    名詞+ habitat: a wildlife habitat, fish habitat, bear habitat, bird habitat, forest habitat, wetland habitat, deer habitat, salmon habitat, owl habitat 等 總之其它動物還包括 turkey, trout, reef, tortoise, eagle, whitetail, lion, panda, oyster等 形容詞+ habitat: natural habitat, native habitat, suitable habitat, aquatic/marine/protected/coastal/urban/wild/African habitat等 例句Polar bear habitat is dwindling due to climate change. The dams blocked miles and miles of salmon habitat. They lost their forest habitat when gold miners, illegal loggers or palm oil companies cleared it. The best and highest use that these wetlands represent for the human community is their ability to act as a wildlife and fish habitat. Rader, who played a key role in developing North Carolina 's Coastal Habitat Protection Plan, says ......

    If you visit a coral reef or another sensitive marine habitat, look but don't touch! environment:

    名詞+ environment: a work environment, school environment, Classroom/home/family/business/secutity/world/university/college/education/media/campus/market/sport/food/healthcare 等形容詞+environment:a natural environment, social environment, political/global/hostile/safe/urban/economic/competitive/internationalWorking/educational/local/cultural/learning等 例句 I think our candidates have done a remarkably good job in a tough political environment. More than 90% of poisonings occur in the home environment. A competitive dynamic business environment is essential for our competitiveness in the world. Most schools expect study abroad classes to be self-supporting especially in the current poor economic environment. In a classroom environment, the small group paper or presentation can be assigned by the teacher....

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  • 阿昌
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    9 年前



    參考資料: 網路
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