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(a) 保留example,但加形容詞&換句型Ex:

A good/ shining/ fine/excellent/ classic/ typical exampleis that + S + V

n. can be agood/ shining/ fine/ excellent/ classic/ typical example.

S+V, Which can bea good/ shining/ fine/excellent/ classic/ typical example.

(b) 直接用不同的用法


The n. illustrate that + S+V

In particular, S+V

More specifically, S+V

an example can be seen in thefact that one example will be suffice(suffit)to illustrate this point , a telling example is~ anexample of this is… oneillustration of this is (that)… a casein point is that… anillustration of this point would be that~ one typicalexample could be that~

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  • PONY
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    more adjectives which can describe “example(s)” :


    In one recent example, residents stopped traffic for hours after a child was killed when a school bus collided with a bus at a highway junction north of Barka. Residents complained that they had been asking for safety improvements at the intersection for years.

    As a recent example of how it tries this between elections, consider that Rep. Henry Waxman sent a letter in August 2009 to the CEOs of health care companies asking for….

    Over the years, there have been numerous examples of individual teacher-librarians who have benefitted from bringing a decision-maker along. In my case, I invited our District Director to attend the Saturday luncheon with me.

    (b) more verbs which can be used :

    the example(s) show/demonstrate/suggest/reveal/state that……

    The example demonstrates that a large fraction of all the genes in an organism's genome can become dispensable when its lifestyle shifts.

    Put simply, native oysters must be recognized for the reef habitat that they provide. A growing number of examples demonstrate that recovery is feasible.

    In practice, the evidence showed that, apart from examples where there was active collaboration between the teacher-librarian and selected teachers, there was little knowledge among teachers and teacher-librarians of what aspects of information literacy practices were being taught or reinforced across the school.

    參考資料: American corpus
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