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Vivian Chen 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前

harder math question

John was rowing down a river when his hat was blown off by a sudden gust of wind. After 10 minutes, he found out, turned the boat around and rowed back upstream to find his hat. Then after 2 minutes, he reached the hat. If the current is constant and John rows at a constant rate, what is the rate of the current?


dear paul,

i am also middle school and i am in a international school too. It is already summer vacation but my tutor give me a this kind of question and i do not know how to write it can you just tell me the solution and answer. please! thankyou.

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sorry grammar wrong "a kind"

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  • 9 年前

    also assume that the hat stay at where it was blown off,

    c = rate of the current

    r = rate of John rows

    the distant John's boat float = 10c = the distance John row back = 2(r-c)

    use minus sign since c and r in opposite direction

    10c = 2(r-c) = 2r - 2c

    12c = 2r

    c = r/6

    answer: "rate of the current" = one sixth of "rate of John rows" (in opposite direction)

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    well, 國中, 讀外僑 - I hope you can solve similar questions by yourself now

    2011-06-24 12:51:56 補充:


    I gave you step by step solution and completed with the answer already. Which part don't you understand??

    Was it English or math?

    Uncle Paul

    參考資料: self, uncle Paul
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