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海芋 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


Somewhere between 255 - 206 BC, Chinese soldiers invented Tsu Chu as a new way of training and developing greater physical fitness. A cloth was strung between two poles and the soldiers would try to kick a ball through a hole measuring no more than 40cm in diameter - a feat requiring considerable skill. Tsu Chu as it was known, appears to be the first team game in which a leather ball was kicked. Although there is no evidence of a direct link to the game of football that we know today, it may have influenced the game Kemari which appeared in Japan a short time later. In common with the Chinese game, the Japanese kicked the ball to each other ( this was made of deerskin ), but it had to remain in the air. Unlike modern soccer, it was non-competitive and was mainly played by the upper class.

Before the trouble seen at English football matches during the 1970s and 80s, the term "hooligan" simply referred to a rude, violent young man. it's now used more regularly to apply to the fans of this game. Social commentators frequently blamed this aggressive behavior on the fact that young men were no longer exposed to any form of discipline. One commonly proposed solution was the return of compulsory military service, but this was never taken seriously by the government. Before the 1988 Euro championships a massive police operation was set up to prevent hundreds of hooligans traveling to Germany and since then travel bans, now totaling around 3,000, continue to be in force. Even so, whenever an international match takes place, it seems that the media cannot wait to blow any minor incident out of proportion. A couple of young men enjoying a drink at a bar suddenly become " a gang of out-of-control troublemakers ". As for domestic matches, arrests are down to 1.21 a game.


Q1. The blow something out of proportion in this passage means ____.

a. to investigate all the different aspects of a situation

b. to put air into something

c. to make a situation seem much worse than it really is

d. to failto notice the most importantpart of a situation

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Q2. According to the article, which of the following statements is true?

a. Some peoplesuggested that army training had ledto an increase in violence.

b. The word hooligan now only describe violent football fans.

3 個已更新項目:

c. Tsu Chu is the earliest form of the modern game of football.

d. The first people in China to play Tsu Chu were the soldiers.

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2 個解答

  • jose
    Lv 6
    9 年前

    Q 1.

    Ans: C. to make a situation seem much worse than it really is.

    Q 2.

    Ans: C. The word "hooligan" now only describe violent football fans.

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    在255之間- 206 BC,中國戰士發明了Tsu儲作為訓練和開发的更加偉大的体育健身一個新的方式。 布料被串起了在二根杆和戰士之間將设法通过測量一個的孔踢球沒有比40cm直径-要求可觀的技巧的技藝。 Tsu儲,因為知道,看來是一個皮革球被踢的第一個成队比赛。 雖然沒有一個直接链接的證據對我們今天知道橄欖球的比賽,它也許影響了於日本短时间后出现的比賽Kemari。 與中國比賽相同,日本人互相踢了球(這由鹿皮制成),但是它在天空中必須保持。 不同於現代足球,它非競爭性和由上层阶级主要使用。 在麻煩之前看在英國足球比赛在20世紀70年代和80s期間,期限" hooligan" 提到了一個粗魯,猛烈年轻人。 it' s通常現在使用适用于這場比賽風扇。 社會評論員在事實常常地責備了這積極的行為年轻人不再被暴露了在學科的所有形式。 一共同地提议解决方案是义务兵役回歸,但是這由政府认真未曾採取。 在1988個歐洲冠軍之前巨型的警察操作被設定防止移动到德國的数百小流氓,並且從那以後旅行禁令,現在共計大约3,000,继续生效。 即使如此,每當一次國際比賽發生,看起來媒介不可能等待不成比例吹任何較小事件。 享受飲料的兩三個年轻人在酒吧突然成為" 控制鬧事者"的幫會;。 关于國內比賽,拘捕下降到1.21比賽

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    Q1. 吹動某事在這個段落不成比例意味__。調查情況的所有不同方面的a. b. 放空氣入某事 c. 要做情況似乎壞比它真正地是 d. 對failto通知情況的多數importantpart

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    Q2. 根據文章,以下聲明是真實的? a. 一些peoplesuggested军队训练有ledto在暴力的增量。 b. 詞小流氓只現在描述猛烈足球迷

    2011-06-28 16:39:31 補充:

    c. Tsu儲是橄欖球現代比賽的最早期的形式。 D. 第一人民在演奏Tsu的中國儲是戰士。

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