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英文作文 Learning english is fun





Sometimes I can use English language to talk to people from other countries can also make friends with many foreigners

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I love learning English,because English is the most widely spoken language in the world.It is used by many countries all over the world,the latest information around the world is written in or translated into English to keep up with the ever-changing world.

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We must be equipped with a good commaned of English.

I like listening to music,especially English songs,and I always try to read the lyrics seriously try to understand what they sing and what those words means.It can improve your listening as well.

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I like to make friends with everyone.Sometimes I can talk to foreigners in English and also make friends with them.



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  • chen
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    Learning english is fun

    Nearly everyone knows that learning foreign languages

    . seem difficult nevertheless,

    . English can give us interesting, it’s also great fun too.Communicated by English for people in the world,

    . it’s pretty popular.

    Let’s me take some example as follows;If I were a driver, saying something like conversation

    . with English when foreigner in the car.

    If I were a teacher, to attract students learning English,. when we are in the school or somewhere else.

    If I were a business-man, to do export or imports,. when I want to cope with the affairs from abroad.

    Thus and so;Such a driver he says; “please tell me, where to go”.Teacher he tutors; “I like to teach you

    . English writing or spelling alike”.Getting in touch with buyers from abroad ,. business-man is certainly important to use

    . the foreign language particularly English.

    In brief, the more you study the more you obtain smoothly. to keep the useful English , it comes more and more

    . in handy some day.Learning English is fun, isn’t it? 幾乎每個人都知道,儘管學外文有點難,

    ,英語還是給我們帶來了有趣 ,非常地有趣。世人藉由英語交流 ,是相當普及。



    如果我是老師 當我們在學校或其他地方 隨時引導學生學習英語。

    如果我是商人 要應付的事務來自國外 做出口或進口之事,

    . 更是要用英語

    如此;司機,他會說 ;” 請告訴我,去哪裡”,

    老師教導; “我教你們英語寫作和拼音”。


    . 特別是英語最為重要。

    總之,越學習越多 順利越多,. 往後派上用場之機會更是越多 .那不就是學英文的樂趣嗎 ? [ come in handy 派上用場 ]

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  • 匿名使用者
    6 年前



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  • 9 年前

    先把任何有關Learning english is fun的東西先寫起來。




    (however, therefore, and, but, or, because, so, although...)



    Sometimes I can talk to foreigners in English and also make friends with them.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    120字只有10句左右。用關鍵字learn, English等,去查英文字典,找字典裡的例句來改寫,可以幫助你提升寫作能力。

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