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企業內部有許多正進行的專案管理(Project management)活動,目前卻沒有一套公平有效的專案團隊(Project team)效能評估制度.就人力資源管理(Human Resource Management)的角度來看,其中包含人員的教育訓練,績效考核,與薪資獎懲,人力資源部門亦沒有一套針對專案團隊效能的評估(Assessment)機制本研究的目的在協助企業人力資源部門建立系統的專案團隊效能評估機制

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    企業內部有許多正進行的專案管理(Project management)活動, 目前卻沒有一套公平有效的專案團隊(Project team)效能評估制度. 就人力資源管理(Human Resource Management)的角度來看, 其中包含人員的教育訓練, 績效考核,與薪資獎懲, 人力資源部門亦沒有一套針對專案團隊效能的評估(Assessment)機制.While there are many ongoing project managements in many businesses, a set of fair and effective assessment system is evidently lacking. In case of the human resources management, there are educational instruction, performance evaluation, and compensation adjustments in place. However, there is not an assessment system designed specifically for project team in the human resources department. 本研究的目的在協助企業人力資源部門建立系統的專案團隊效能評估機制The purpose of this study is to assist corporate human resources department, to set up a systematic assessment scheme for the evaluation of project team’s effectiveness

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    1.企業內部有許多正進行的專案管理(Project management)活動,目前卻沒有一套公平有效的專案團隊(Project team)效能評估制度.就人力資源管理(Human Resource Management)的角度來看,其中包含人員的教育訓練,績效考核,與薪資獎懲,人力資源部門亦沒有一套針對專案團隊效能的評估(Assessment)機制 本研究的目的在協助企業人力資源部門建立系統的專案團隊效能評估機制。


    The enterprise interior has many project management which carries on (Project man

    agement) to move, at present actually does not have a set of fair effective special case team (Project team) the potency appraisal system. On human resources management (Human Resource Management) the angle, contains personnel's education and training, the achievements inspection, with the salary rewards and punishment, the human resources department also does not have a set in view of the special case team potency appraisal (Assessment) mechanism This research's goal establishes system's special case team potency appraisal mechanism in the assistance enterprise human resources department

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  • 9 年前

    There are many ongoing internal project management (Project management) activities, have failed to present a fair and effective project team (Project team) performance evaluation system. On human resources management (Human Resource Management) perspective, which includes staff education and training, performance appraisal, and salary rewards and punishments, nor a set of HR performance evaluation for the project team (Assessment) mechanism

    The purpose of this study to assist businesses in establishing HR systems project team performance evaluation mechanism

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