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1. When the family decided to open a restaurant, they had to find a/an ______ that would attract business. (A) location (B) address (C) replace (D) direction

2. We expect that more than 500 students will ______ the night outing held at Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf. (A) depart (B) attend (C) arrive (D) submit

3. Jacques and Louisa will only ______ purchasing appliances that come with a money-back guarantee. (A) compare (B) compete (C) consider (D) construct

4. You cannot ______ learning how to use the new software as it will be needed in daily operations from now on. (A) assume (B) evaluate (C) modify (D) avoid

5. The ______ of the program depends on the active participation of everyone. (A) success (B) successful (C) successive (D) succeed

6. What is the company’s policy on ______ for part-time workers? (A) blankets (B) batteries (C) benefits (D) battles

7. Because you are a valued and hard-working employee, we are ______ you to director of the department. (A) promoting (B) punishing (C) purchasing (D) pressuring

8. Lois compared the sweaters carefully to determine which was a better ______. (A) obstacle (B) brochure (C) bargain (D) behavior

9. Your X-rays will have your name and ID number printed on them, so we can easily ______ them as yours. (A) identify (B) reverse (C) entertain (D) relieve

10. Do you like to read magazines about celebrity ______? (A) gobble (B) gossip (C) goggle (D) gamble


11. Computer technology has brought about a ______ in the workplace. Now employees all around the country do all or part of their jobs from home. (A) destination (B) comprehension (C) transaction (D) revolution

2 個已更新項目:

12. The waitress said there weren’t any tables open, but she would call my name once one became ______. (A) available (B) comfortable (C) definite (D) flexible

3 個已更新項目:

13. Both mothers and fathers play important roles in ______ children. (A) arising (B) rising (C) raising (D) risking

4 個已更新項目:

14. Police have found an important ______ about the murder. (A) clue (B) rule (C) glue (D) flue

5 個已更新項目:

15. Financial consultants help ______ and corporations make wise investment decisions. (A) ingredients (B) individuals (C) initiatives (D) incidents

6 個已更新項目:

16. Jane and her husband have made three movies ______ 1997. (A) on (B) for (C) to (D) since

7 個已更新項目:

17. Ms. Davis got really upset and left ______ saying goodbye. (A) by (B) with (C) for (D) without

8 個已更新項目:

18. If your purchase is not satisfactory in any way, you may take it ______ to the store for a complete refund. (A) up (B) back (C) off (D) out

9 個已更新項目:

19. The office manager finally figured ______ why the new software wasn’t working properly. (A) out (B) in (C) with (D) about

10 個已更新項目:

20. We are almost out ______ paper for the photocopier. Would you please order some more? (A) at (B) on (C) to (D) of

11 個已更新項目:

21. We look forward ______ seeing you again in the next month’s conference. (A) on (B) to (C) for (D) towards

22. The flight was canceled ______ engine problems. (A) due to (B) because (C) since (D) although

12 個已更新項目:

23. The boy ______ mother left was crying. (A) who (B) that (C) whose (D) when

24. ______ Mr. Black married Jean last month is still a secret. (A) That (B) Which (C) It (D) x

13 個已更新項目:

25. Do you know ______ they have spoken to the director? (A) how many (B) who (C) which (D) whether

26. There were two students ______ a lot of noise. (A) making (B) made (C) to make (D) makes

14 個已更新項目:

27. If you ______ your reservation 48 hours in advance, you will not be billed. (A) will cancel (B) cancel (C) are canceling (D) to cancel

28. Not being able to answer such simple questions ______ quite embarrassing. (A) to be (B) being (C) was (D) were

15 個已更新項目:

29. ______ alcohol could also lead to late night eating. (A) Drink (B) Drinking (C) Drank (D) Drinks

30. Ben likes jogging, and so______ Nancy. (A) likes (B) is (C) does (D) do

16 個已更新項目:

31. ______ in 1983, Cadence has since become one of the largest makers of chip design software, partly through a string of acquisitions. (A) Found (B) Founded (C) Finding (D) Having found

32. I’m going back to the restaurant ______ I’ve lost my purse. (A) which (B) where (C) in where (D) that

17 個已更新項目:

33. Our office manager was so ______ by the speed of the delivery that she decided to order from the supplier again. (A) impress (B) impressing (C) impressed (D) impression

18 個已更新項目:

34. Telephone conversations can be scaring for anyone if spoken in a language that is still being ______. (A) learned (B) learning (C) to learn (D) learn

19 個已更新項目:

35. Men tend to enjoy flipping through channels ______ women tend to stick to just one. (A) when (B) while (C) which (D) why

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    1. (A) Location

    2. (B) Attend

    3. (C) Consider

    4. (D) Avoid

    5. (A) Success

    6. (C) Benefits

    7. (A) Promoting

    8. (C) Bargain

    9. (A) Identify

    10. (B) Gossip

    11. (D) Revolution

    12. (A) Available

    13. (C) Raising

    14. (A) Clue

    15. (B) Individuals

    16. (D) Since

    17. (D) Without

    18. (B) Back

    19. (A) Out

    20. (D) Of

    21. (B) To

    22. (A) Due to

    23. (C) Whose

    24. (A) That

    25. (D) Whether

    26. (A) Making

    27. (A) Will cancel

    28. (C) Was

    29. (B) Drinking

    30. (C) Does

    31. (A) Found

    32. (B) Where

    33. (C) Impressed

    34. (D) Learn

    35. (B) While

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