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邦邦 何 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 9 年前


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  • 9 年前

    I know what this nation needs. I will give you justice. Tomorrow we launch the greatest in military campaign in our history. The ISA forces are in disarray.

    Within three hours, my forces will overwhelm them.

    They're gonna find us, just a matter of time.

    got to keep moving!!

    General, the Hicks are knocking at our door.

    All hostilities will cease immediately, stand down and surrender.

    I didn't come here to run from the "Helgast"(一個名子),

    Order the attack you coward!!

    ...... (前面因聲音太小聽不清楚) The lives of my men.

    We've all seen what the Hellgast do to theie prisoners.

    Where are we going?

    Finish what we started.

    Where are the ISA?

    Why haven't you delivered your weapon prototype to the military?

    I will not waste weapons of such magnitude in the hands of a total incompetent.

    This is an outrage!!


    2011-07-14 06:33:53 補充:


    Hicks應是 Higgs才對


    ...... (前面因聲音太小聽不清楚) The lives of my men.

    這一段應該是: My priority is the lives of my men. 我的同志們的生命是我的第一要務.

    參考資料: jim
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