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    Mother and brother members of the family; in a warm, open family have autonomous environment to grow, as the eldest daughter, I promote, learn and have a small independent personality, lively sense of responsibility, acting careful, step by step to do the job within the character, and in a timely manner to assist others, once that the target will move forward on.

    For the future, work, now want the economy to more stable families, so expect their work not only from the steady growth, good use of computer software to enhance work efficiency; with supervisor, colleagues learn from each other, and in an effort to , active, serious work attitude, look forward to the perfect, there is a system of corporate services, and training their employees from time to time, my colleagues can do at work through training, exchanges, and can get along in a harmonious atmosphere between colleagues, the company, employees have encountered a better target and growth; the personal front, he can expect a good efficiency to be completed within the time share of the work and leisure over time using sophisticated Japanese continued to enrich their skills on the need of help in the workplace, also expect the addition to the basic of word processing, but also more conducive to workplace learning the operating system, but also the use of leisure time for self-touch than look for graphics software, computer expertise, whether individuals, speech expertise have encountered increasing.

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    The family members are the mother and the younger brother; In warm, has under the independent home environment to grow enlightened, urges the body for eldest daughter's I, studies and has the individuality in since childhood independently, vividly to have the sense of responsibility, the conduct prudently and meticulously, completes the share work disposition along a prescribed path, and at the right moment assists other people, once the confirmation goal, will march forward courageously merit. Regarding the future, the work aspect, will want to enable the home economics at present 夠 to be stabler, not only will therefore expect itself to be able from the work the stable growth, will do without authorization in the utilization computer software, will promote the working efficiency; Can with the manager, the colleagues study mutually, and by diligently, positive, earnest work, also expected that can 夠 in the consummation, have system's company to serve, and arranges the staff education and training non-periodically, may cause the colleague to make the exchange by the training in the work aspect, may also cause between the colleagues to be together the atmosphere to be harmonious, enables the company, the staff to have a better goal and the growth; Individual aspect, expected that in oneself energy efficiency time completes the duty-bound work good, and continues using free time -odd time to strive Japanese, by enriches the self-ability to favor on the work place needing, also expected that processes besides the basic computer copy clerk, studies favors on the work place the work system, also traces using free time -odd time seeks the cartography software, causes individual, no matter is the computer specialty, the spoken language specialty all can increase unceasingly.