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How to use the word " Also"?


It is said that when you use the word " also" in the beginning of the sentence, you have to put "comma". Is it right???

For example,

Also, I have done it.---Correct

Also I have done it. --- Wrong

Thanks for your help. ^^

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    在一般情境,除了極少數特別的例子,百分之九十九狀況下,英美人士會在句首加個逗號以Also, …呈現

    原因之一,很可能它也是個「轉折語」,有如其它「轉折語」的功能,如: However, Meanwhile, Nevertheless等, 是語氣上的一種「停頓」,以俾後面接著繼續表達進一步的資訊。既然要「停頓」,就是「逗號」上場的時候。 當然,也有少數的例子,雖然在句首,但因Also後面,馬上想強調的字詞較短 (例一) ,也就沒有再用逗號;或Also後面加了逗號,會顯得很不自然 (例二、三)

    例一: Also in 1906, Twain seized the opportunity to comment on a recent battle -- or " slaughter,…

    例二:Also with us, from member station WEMU in Ypsilanti , Michigan , is Osama Siblani, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Arab American News, a bilingual newspaper in Detroit .

    例三:Also with us is Ami Klin, director of the Autism program at the Yale Child Study Center in New Haven . 總之,除非有如上三例較特殊的狀況,在句首用到Also還是加上逗號為妥,特別是當你的指導老師很堅持這一點的時候。

    參考資料: American Corpus 英美最具國際信譽資料語庫
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    actually, I dont know how to answer your question

    basically, you can put it in or not, does it matter? who cares?

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    I wonder whether English is your first language

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    參考資料: I lived in the UK for ages