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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 10 年前

我想改特殊的外文名字 V開頭

如題 我想改英文名字 但是要"特殊"的

不一定要 英文的名字 可以西班牙 法國 德國 那些叫特殊的名字

或是不一定要名字 V開頭的法文(西班牙 德國)字 較有意義的字之類的


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  • 10 年前


    2011-08-08 16:30:25 補充:


    ValentineFrom the Latin valens meaning to be strong. Name of the Roman martyr whose feast is celebrated on Feb 14th.Vancemeaning someone who lives near a marshVaughanWelsh meaning littleVernonOriginally from the French meaning alder treeVictorLatin meaning conquerorVijayEast Indian meaning victorious oneVincentLatin meaning to conquerVirgilLatin from the Roman name VergiliusVivianLatin meaning aliveVladislavFrom the Polish volod meaning rule. And Slav meaning glory


    ValentiaLatin meaning strong and healthyValerieLatin meaning to be strongValoraLatin origins meaning strongVandyAn amalgamation of the names Nancy and Vann. Meaning is unknown but Nancy has the meaning God has favoured.VanessaCreated by the author Jonathan Swift who wrote Gulliver's TravelsVashtiPersian meaning beautifulVedranaYugoslavian origins. From vedra meaning bright, happyVeraLatin meaning trueVeronicaFrom the Latin vera icon meaning true image Other forms are Veronika (Lithuanian) V?ronique (French)VictoriaLatin meaning victory Short forms Vicky, VickieVirginiaFrom the Latin Verginius. It was a name, according to legend that was given to a woman who was ultimately killed by her father to save her form an unsuitable lover. Hence the meaning generally attributed to the name - pure. The name has two common abbreviations Ginger (Ginger Rodgers whose real name was Virginia) and GinnyVivianLatin meaning living alive


  • 10 年前